Friday, 29 April 2011

2nd post woot!

Hey me (I assume I'm the only person who reads this...)

So my next painting/modelling project is a High elf army. I love that it is all plastic (convert the IoB griffons by removing the rider = eagles), looks fantastic, and do a "combined arms" army really well, which I like, and struggle to do well with Empire (I'm looking at you not very killy characters and rubber lance knights). There wont be photos till it all arrives. Last night part 1 of my 4 part order plan arrived. 2 Island of Blood box sets. My next order will be 2 battalions and 2 prince sets. The 3rd will be dragon, 2 boxes of whitelions, box of silverhelms and box of dragon princes. The 4th part is 2 of the old school horses from GW for the mounted prince and BSB (to fit in with with silverhelm look) and 2 boxes of phoenix guard.  All up a sizable force that can be easily bulked with rank fillers, so yay for that.
 I plan to model it up with interesting looking units with stuff going on in the units + do cool movement trays (always my weakest point) using the LoTR terrain sets and stuff like that. I'm thinking of going for an old overgrown city in autumn look with the army painted to look like part of the furniture. So bone/marble-like armour with dark red cloaks for pop/autumn theme and muted silvers. Simple palette for maximum effect.

Had 2 games today with my Empire. a 2000 point game vs OnG and a 1600 point game vs WoC. I won both games-no thanks to my "atillery". Battle reports will be up next week as got to get the photos sorted etc.

I also plan to this week take photos of my Empire army in all it's glory so I can show it off. So that will take a bit of setting up haha.

So all you millions of viewers of my blog, stay tuned for the Empire army and hopefully the battle reports in the next 7 days!

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