Monday, 6 April 2015

Painting update - Ultramarines!

Hey all,

Not up to much hobby wise - having to work evenings and Saturday has really put a dampener on things.

BUT I have managed to do the odd bit of paining to keep me engaged.

WHFB painting is on hold until I have a better idea of what 9th has in store. On that, I had a 2600pt game the other day: Empire vs the Undead...basically Grave Guard VC + a Lich priest lvl4 and casket with 4 of the Morghiest things. This game was unusual in that we both had infantry (Graveguard and Ghouls + 3 units of zombies vs  my 40 Halberds and archers WHO ENGAGED IN COMBAT) supporting our hammers (Morghiest, VC blender lord vs Demis, Karl Franz bus). Kinda took me back to pre Elfpocolypse 8th...the golden years! The game involved manoeuvring infantry into place, getting the charge off (weird I know)...and a bit of good 'ol fashioned Static Combat Res. Best part was Karl Franz + bus avoiding Grave Guard + Blender Vamp all game!

Needless to say it was a resounding victory for the Good Guys. The Undead menace was held back (again) and plenty a-zombie was hacked and pecked to death and Ghul Maraz was wielded in anger smiting a Wight King. All it cost was a regiment of Halberds (squished and blended), 2 captasus who had their souls removed Raiders of the Ark styles and and engineer or 2 who valiantly manned their Helblasters before sacrificing themselves to delay the hordes...I'm sure the Empire will recover.


I have been busy starting an Ultramarine force. (check out my super budget on the fly "too lazy to set it up properly = spend more effort DIYing it" light box)

Actual Tigerus
The Auto Include Eternal Warrior Chapter Master on bike with Thunder Hammer of Goodness
Tubturian unit #1
Main body Armypainter Blue spray, Thunderhawk blue dry brush with Lothern Blue edging. Red is Mephiston Red, Nuln Oil wash, Mephiston Red. Gold is hashut copper, Druchii violet, shining gold.

I havn't decided what to do with the basing...ideas appreciated.

On the table: 5 Bikers: combi Grav, 2xGrav. 1 Attack Bike: Multimelta. 1 Guy on bike with cloak and sword...not sure what he will be...all bought for $50 thanks 2nd hand table in LGS.

Theory behind army

The theory behind army is that in current 40k one needs to maximise multishot, high strength stuff. This may be a bit "duh", but recent books have really emphasised this due to monstrous creatures becoming more common. Traditional marine shooting has emphasised 1 really good shot (ie add extra guns = usually twinlink) which is great vs tanks...but not great vs monstrous creatures. Sadly, the only real marine answer to this is grav - hence going to be running 2x3 grav/hurricane bolter tubturians, 2x5 grav bikers. This gives enough bolter shooting to deal with hordes, and lots of counters to scary stuff. Add in Tigerus, chapter master, and the Blood Angel formation to give the tubs droppods = awesome :D...then add an Imperial knight because they are cool = army about 1 year. Thanks Glen for the list idea :D

However in the meantime I'll be getting Scouts and Landspeeder storms to allow me to play smaller games (1200pts). Grav + scouts = fun right?