Thursday, 25 August 2011

Home Con 2011

Home-Con is approaching soon. 2400 points, Petelite comp, 6 games, all battleline (I assume for speed and ease of play).

After much thought and "you know, a last minute modelling project is just what you need" niggle to itch I've decided to take the following:

Alector: HA, sh    (General)        134
Alector: HA, 2hw             137 
lvl4: light, scroll            235
BSB: FPA, charmed sh, opal Amulet    103

46 Halberds: Fc                250
5 free company Detach            25
30 Flagellants                300
10 xbows                80
40 Halberds: M, Sb            212
5 Free company Detach            25

2 cannons                200
5 Pistoliers: M                97       

30 Flagellants                300 (the modelling project)
Stank                    300 (Have old metal one to use, but want to convert up a holy mobile for future "fluff")


My first thoughts after writing this were "crap-no pie templates" and "+4 Dispel dice and scroll...nasty I like"

Why no Pie templates?
Artillery = easy points for opponent to take. Scorpions, gutter runners, miners, shades etc love artillery. + my artillery loves to explode inconveniently. My list works around preserving points and dishing the Close combat. The artillery I have is to kill the things my other stuff struggles to kill + cannon to front of t4 unit will kill more than a direct mortar hit.

Why all the anti Magic?
Because I can. And it was not the "intention." The intention was to give my halberds hatred and not spend points on defensive equipment. W.priests are great, but adding an extra wound adds survivability. + now ld9 for tests woot!

Why 2 units of Flaggellants?
Because 2 is better than 1. One unit can be diverted/dwellered/artilleried etc. 2 + the stank = 3 mega annoying things to deal with, so something is going to get through-even if it is the halberds.

This list looks like a "what is good in the book"...where's the fluff bunny?
Fluff bunny is meet through a number of things. 2 Alectors = 2 units of flagellants. The Stank will be replaced with converted stank to be a priest mobile (suedo Waralter-but not). No artillery wall, no engineers + using lore of light-which suits the religious theme. Also halberds because every province has them. Not really a justification,  but it's not the "usual" internet Empire list.

So those who are attending-you have been warned... the Empire is on the march and it has a crazy look in its eye!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Sorry for the lack of posts-round up and High Elf thoughts

Hi fellow Warhammer nerds (Restpec....Westside..iiiiiiiiiei)

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've just bought a house (move in this weekend-so no Call to Arms for me sadface). I've got a HE vs OnG battlereport to put up when I have time. Basically it is random charge fail a lolz way.

My high elf army is coming along nicely. Got heaps painted; I'll put pics up when I get a chance. The theme is coming together really well.

I''ve also had some thoughts on the High Elves:

1. Need magic defence: +5 to dispel with lvl4 is really good, so is the scroll. However, the lack of channelling and extra dice really hurts-hence why decided to add a 2nd mage with the steal a power dice crystal to help even the odds (and hopefully keep the swordmasters alove longer!).

2. Lore of Shadow is not all it's made out to be (really, well unless you have the cauldron providing support too grumble grumble): The threat spells are too obvious and the lack of magic missiles really hurts. The Meta of 8th maybe towards big blocks of doom (something I do not buy into),  however having a way to zap pesky chaff units etc is really useful. My current thoughts are to have shadow on the lvl1 for the base spell and beasts or light on the lvl4. High magic is also something that crosses my mind-possibly on the lvl1 (upping them to a lvl2). Get the drain magic, and chance for some useful spells (flames of the phoenix, etc). I'm dropping the RBT's (to fit the new stuff), so curse of arrow attraction is a dumb "possibility" but with 26 shots I still see it being useful. Beasts gives me an excuse to buy the new DElf dragon model (very, very tempting-but with a different head-like the spare I have in the HE dragon kit....) and solves toughness issues. However the spells are still specific and easily targeted for dispelling...HMMMM 3 characters in combat...I wonder what spell I'm going to cast...Lore of light has 4 spells that have area affect = hard to dispel the "key" ones-especially if also know drain magic is on its way. ASF spell gives my swordmasters/DP's, WLions some serious chop that will prove very useful. Also the i10/ws10 gives me something to combat black guard with. Also pha's to help control pesky war machines!

3. Shooting is great, but RBT's too expensive and archers not good enough: so basically need the archers to make up core. I've toyed with the idea of sea guard (cool models mainly), however the ability to focus on 2 different units wins out in the end. RBT are a "nice to have" and in the big scheme of things and integral part of the HE army. However, more troops/smarter troops feels like the better choice. Also, if get the curse of arrow attraction spell it is nice to have some "threat units" even if only s3.

4. 2 units of Whitelions seems "optimal": yes/no/maybe? I lose attacks. This is what it comes down to for me. a 2nd unit of whitelions = I have to buy more models (not necessarily a factor, but a consideration), and lose a "lots of attacks" option. Lore of light + swordmasters should = win. The extra magic defence + buffs from lore of light should = they get to combat and HURT.

5. Chariots and E. Reavers: fantastic models. My 2k list sees me using 2 chariots (no calv). However the key here is "two" chariots. The single chariot gets in the way and hasnt achieved what I want it to. It's something I will be dropping. I want to keep the reavers because they are AWESOME vs everything except WoC (unless they bring fast calv of their own. Otherwise they are reduced to anti wolves and an extra 5 shots/turn).

6. SPEED IS KEY: with the Eagles, reavers, DP's, the only thing missing is a support hard hitter = noble on an eagle (with potential double charge range...) possibility to make it a lvl1 for beasts/fire/shadow support too....(evil thoughts). Also means my "griffons" as eagles can have the IoBlood noble all painted up for cool looking awesomeness. (Side note, I REALLY love the IoB models...all of them!). From a tactical perspective The Eagle noble gives me something to take out their support and combo charge with the DP's for a hard hitting flank.  

So after all that: my proposed 2400 list:

lvl4: light, scroll        280
BSB: GW, AoCaledor, dawnstone    168
lvl2: high, crystal        175
Noble on Eagle: HA, GW, Dhelm    157

35 Spears: FC            340
13 Archers: M            148
10 Archers: M            115

23 Whitelions: M, SB-Bosorcery    413
5 Dp's: M            160
14 Swordmasters: M, SB -flame    238
5 Reavers            105

2 Eagles            100

So I hope that list supports my thoughts. Next time I get a game with them, this is the list I'll be rocking. If anyone can be bothered commenting on the list, please feel free.

Also got home con coming up in September, so I'll be sharing my thoughts on my Empire list for that (stank stank stank stank...)