Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Joel-Con 2014!!! My first ever international tournament.

Hi all,

So ANZAC weekend I'll be in Australia catching up with the Shirts Off crew, meaning a huge excuse for the first ever Joel-con! (I wanted it to be named "Joel-Fest").

4 games, 2000pts where the comp is "a chance to try out the UK masters lists...but don't be a d*ck" (Aussie vernacular for "try to self comp, but aim for the tough end")

Since I have to get my army through customs I'm naturally taking the men of the Empire and based my list on the Empire list that pulled out of the UK masters at the last minute.

Arch Lector "Otto": ha, gw, 4+ ward, helm of the skavenslayer
Lvl4 light
Lvl1 light
Lvl1 light
Bsb: fullplate, enchanted shield, warriorbane
Captain of the empire: Pegasus, fullplate, shield, lance, dragon helm
33 halberds: fc
7 archer detach
5 knights: m
5 knights: m
4 demigryph knights: m, sb
Steam tank
Steam tank

So the obvious list is to double banishment up and go pure mounted... But I compromised there for some extra movement and some foot troopers + no arcane magic items to shut down magic phases???dark elves don't like net of amynok right?

Now I'm expecting to spend all 4 games being ran around by yawn-fest dark elves, shot apart by high elves, and rail roaded...however I think my list is offensive enough (and in no way a gun line given the shooting limitations of stanks) to hopefully go up the guts of someone willing to put a block of something down for me to aim at!

In case the list is a bit beyond the pale given the panel comp fetish Aussies seem to have I'll also bring over a helblaster, engineer and a cannon to swap out 1 Mage and a stank. This would put the lvl 4 on heavens and the lvl1 on lore of fire (maybe). Spare 10pts could become something...maybe a banner on the Demi's...

Any who that's it for now. Good Friday will see an awesome 40k event so expect pics and reports!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The model that got me into high elves FINALLY painted!


Still on the iPad sigh. So after all these years and models painted I have FINALLY got around to painting up the model that got me into the high elves. I believe he is the old metal silverhelm unit champ, but in books he's a very Alexander-esque Calvary prince. It was the look of this model that gave me the inspiration to paint my elves up like I have.

Anywho here he is: in the future he can be found on the battlefield leading a glorious charge with his Giant's Blade held high ready to destroy anything that gets in his way!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Shadow Warriors completed


So computer died tonight (yay...) so my first official blog post from my iPad, so apologies if it is weirdly formatted or something.

I present my Shadow Warriors:

I present my shadow warriors: