Monday, 5 September 2011

Home-Con lists

So I promise battle reports!

The lists for Home-Con can be found here:

Basically it's a Chaos fest.
Biggest army of concern: the Demons-Hopefully I have the anti magic to control the GUO. Not too sure how I'm going to kill it-cannons + Sword of Fate I suspect. Hordes of Blood letters are not too much of an issue as I have hordes of cod pieces and fluffy hats, so basically I win on that front. Also lore of light ftw here... Games history vs Tom has been a horrible loss with Ogres vs DoC in a watch tower mission (woot!) and a very, very ,very boring draw with woodies on woodies.

Next army of concern is Neil's Brets. I've only ever played against Brets on 2 occasions in 7th with my woodies. Both times I was beaten soundly. vs Neil my history has been a tabling by super goblins in 7th and a solid victory to me vs a more "balanced" 7th OnG list. He's been a solid team mate the last two campaigns, so will be an interesting match up. I'm basically going to be relying on my superior magic to shut down his magic and get some light buffs up to stop his charges meaning anything. Also very scary that Virtue of Heroic Killing Blow auto hitting my lovely stank :( Plan there will be to throw the Stank forward into something and pray to Sigmar that it kills something before it gets splatted. Sword of Fate will be no use as in a unit and will just challenge me away (as he has to do). I'll think of something like diverting him away.

Army to watch will be Peter's High Elves (for tips and tricks for my own selfish reasons). This list is basically his 7th ed high elf list that kept beating everything that got thrown at it. Hopefully the 8th effect will be in my favour. I see the speed of his being a bit of an issue, but cannons to the FACE of the dragon and I should be ok...Also only lvl1 on the prince = I should have magic dominance. I suspect each magic phase will be "I cast shield of sapphery, and  then I cast drain magic". Unit to note: them pesky White lions-they have a history of treeman killing...vs Peter my games history has been a slight win with woodies vs Dwarfs, and then 2 losses vs his high elves with woodies. Also a frustrating loss in the first campaign with fun empire (ie had knights and swordsmen unit) vs his Goblins. Basically my army blew itself up and everything went wrong so wasnt really a game.

And then the Warrior armies woot. Flagellants love warriors and ironically I want to be in CC with them to get my grind on.

So looking forward to it. Just gotta finish my 2nd unit of flagellants....

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