Friday, 23 March 2012

Week Round Up

What a week! The Rumour mill seems to have got everything paints instead of artillery line survives!

I've also written myself a fun High Elf list that I've had one game with so far and will be using again this weekend.

The list:

Prince: dragon (the "normal" one), GW, Armour of Caledor, Vambraces of Defence, Other Trickster's shard
lvl2: (fire) scroll, ruby ring
BSB: GW, Dragon armour, reavor bow

30 Spears: FC
15 Archers: M, SB-flame
10 Archers:M

27 White Lions: FC-Iron Curse Icon
24 White Lions: FC-Amulet of light


Probably not the tightest of lists. I could move flame banner to the spears and drop the banner for a 16th archer for instance. there are 1400+ points tied up in the dragon and the white lion units, so the list preserves points very nicely. Only 1 true chaff unit, however archers, reavor bow and the missile battery are all there to hopefully clean out opposing chaff quickly allowing my raw killing power to come into its own.

Does it have tournament potential?
Possibly. However I would be more comfortable if THERE WERE FENCES ON THE TABLES (pet peeve....speaking as a cannon loving Empire player). Fences are the gift of life for monsters in 8th because the act as cannon ball (and WLC shot) catchers. Their absence from tournament tables is probably one of practicality (they do get in the way when moving infantry), however I think it is more of a 7th hang over when they were a real pain in the arse due to slowing movement-meaning you had to be super anal as to exactly where on the board they were. I suspect that more fences on tournament tables would see a return of monsters....that and a more rigerous policing by players of cannon shooting rules (ie LOS to the spot shooting at, not just the target. If can't see the point = have to start the shot from the closest point of the target's base, or pick a not so favourable spot to shoot at).

I had an interesting game vs James Millington on Wednesday. He had a Skaven gunline complete with 15 Jezzils in a folding fortress, 2 ratling guns, warp fire thrower, poison wind mortar attached to globidairs, WLC, 2 hamster wheels, and a bell. My dragon survived until turn 2! It was finally killed by 2xd6 s10 hamster wheel warplightning wounds, the Prince surviving with a lucky escape route (charge WLC, overrun off the board) and then later survived another 3 s10 warplightning wounds thanks to his 4+ ward. My lvl2 magic missile battery was awesome-single handidly taking out all the jezzils over 2 magic phases. The whitelions cleaned up the rest of the points. A good test run vs one of the High Elves' toughest match ups...helped along with some very favourable dice rolling.

Next game is vs either WoC, lizards or Orcs-will post synopis report with some photos. All of them present different challenges, but the dragon will over come!

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