Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Empire Painting Update

Hi All,

I figured it was time for another painting update.

What I've been up to:
Before the cancellation of the Wellington Achievements event I was frantically getting my woodelf army ready for it. My next painting post will "show case" my (what could have been) event taking woodie list of awesome.

Anywho, with that out the way (and conveniently all the painting for the woodies finished) I have started getting the Empire up to scratch as well as finishing off my 2nd horde of whitelions for Call to Arms in August (yes, you read that right!).

So without further delay, my Empire painting progress:\

My New lvl4 of Light:

So no prizes for guessing it is from the Mage wagon kit. I bought the box kit on pre order all excited by the shiny new stuff (Hi my name is Joel and I am a recovering GW fan boy). The hurriculum thing is in various stages of assembly, but I whipped the mage together and gave it a master class with a reverse colour scheme that GW uses for the robes. I'm rather happy with how he turned out.

The Plastic Warrior Priest:

SO yet another rather expensive single mini. I also bought the new war alter...and then saw the rules haha. Good thing it came with a sweet warrior priest though. The war alter, like the hurriculum, is sitting in various stages of assembly. It and the Hurriculum will probably end up being a project for when I get everything up to date and painted/based/movement never.

Updated Mounted BSB:

Basically my old BSB with a new paint job and the sword from the griffon kit (from horde of bitz-I'm not THAT wasteful of entire kits. The griffon was one of the things I didn't buy!) I did a sword swap because I will be running a Runefang'ed GTM (still being converted) and I didn't want the Runefang appearing twice in the army!

The Rick-Rollers:

The main motivator for me to re-fresh my Empire was how completely and utterly horrible my knights were! These are the old vomit inducing gross "off white" knights with a black look. Basically took the Blazing Sun look and added some purple and left the riders black. I have finished 10 with Full Command and due to the fact they dont have shields (they block with their bad-ass attitudes) they will be my Reik knights or RICKS as I refer to them. Next to do will be 13 or so Inner Circle Knights which I will do with the direct order Blazing Knight upgrade kit so they look different.

Blaze of Glory:

So Hellblasters are the new sexy. Unlike all the band wagon jumpers out there I had 3 of these from when they were not so cool (meaning I can officially declare myself a "hobbiest" not a "WAACer"...ignore the fact I have no spearmen or big blocks of free company). This is one of the OLD metal ones. Only 2 of the metal crew have survived into the army. The guy carrying the mug of beer got whip ganged into my Mordheim witch hunter warband (who have also gained a new member thanks to failcast release). If it ever turns up, I picked up the dogs of war travelling explorer guy off ebay who will eventually join the crew.

Battle Budgies:

The only "inspired" pre purchase I made (other than armybook!) was 2 boxes of the battle budgies. Both units look exactly like the above-the other one just has different helmets and shields from the selection offered in the kit. I have armed them with lances to get the 1+ armour save of awesome.

So that is my progress. Still to do is the rest of the knights (aiming for a unit of 13 Inner Circle Knights to bodyguard GTM and BSB) and the plastic steam tank I bought a while ago (yet to make an appearance with new book, but keen to try it out if I can pull myself away from the new stuff!)

On the gaming front I have been unable to successfully stop Ryan's super vamp bus of dumb from killing everything yet-though I now have an evil plan that will probably fail.

In case anyone wants to steal my "net list" I am currently fielding:

Grand Templar Master: Runefang, ch.shield, luckstone        250
lvl4: scroll (light)                225

BSB: Bsteed, FPA, Sh, SOMight            129
Engineer                    65

13 ICKS: FC                    355
10 xbows                    90
30 Halberds: M, SB                200
2x5 archers detach                70

10 RICKS: FC-gleming Pendant            305
2 cannons                    240
3 Dgriffs                    174
3 Dgriffs                    174

Hellblaster                    120


I disagree with the current fashionable "knights + artillery + stank" lists that are doing the rounds because they look designed for a win/draw/loss system that only plays battleline. + they tend not to field the Grand Templar with Runefang so they must be rubbish!


  1. Painting is looking nice, keep up the good work. My awesome vampire bus of awesomeness looks forward to it's next feast of human goodness.

  2. Dude, don't take this the wrong way, but your painting skills have come a long way man. Stuff looks good, especially that Light wiz..nice. I was on the wrong end of that Runefang at Horned gobbo, nice combo. With all these knights around, I find the best way to kill em is Metal with re rolling war machines....good thing I can take both. Nice list though, lots of threats. REALLY good to see some infantry in there...I thought the Empire might have got real lazy and just chucked everyone on a horse!!

    1. Thanks. And I thought you would like the mage-there is dheneb stone on the staff :P I like to paint key figures really well-I'm yet to reach your levels of awesome where I can do it to an entire army!

      Yeah the infantry are there so I have SOMETHING to provide ranks to break steadfast/hold the watch tower.
      + got to keep it fluffy. Every province has a standing regiment of halberds so every Empire list should have some.