Wednesday, 4 December 2013

First 40k "game" and the weeks that were


Thought I better do an update.

WHFB wise I have been not doing much TBH. I've had 2 games - 1 vs Ryan's WoC and 1 vs Glen's Skitterleap VC One Direction fangurlz list.

I ran the same list both games. Archlector Lotto in his usual attire, lvl4 with 2 lvl1's of light, Otto'ss trusty Halberds and Banner bearer, some suicidal chaff knights, the usual Demis and a couple of stanks with back up cannon (or as I call it "I had to spend the spare 120 points on something and TBH a bunch of xbows or some Pistoliers would probably have more impact on the game!").

The VC game was very much defined by my T1 toasting of 5 Crypthorrors (thank you burning gaze and banishment) and Glen chucking his bunker in a building meaning I could approach the screams piece meal while targeting the Mortis Engines with magic and the Cannons who are officially overrated as over a game I successfully hit, wounded and bypassed the 4+ regen once...and to top it off the Stanks forgot how to make it into combat. This people is why Halberds are awesome. 9 ranks of Steadfast denying+ SCRes out of their eyeballs with the odd light buff/sigmar prayer and they will go though everything (well, almost). A nice 15-5 win with nothing undead left "alive" outside of the tower.

Vs the WoC Ryan was running a very cool list. Slannesh Dprice, usual BSB and lv1 set up, couple of chariots, block of Warriors, chaff, chimera, Hellcannon and Skullcrushers. This game was my turn to put "the bus" in a building...but only because Ryan had the nerve to kill the archer bunker that was originally in it! I drew the scroll out t1 and over the next 2 turns I successfully kept the Dprince out of combat and banished it off the board. s6 banishment vs 1+ AS/5+ re-roll ward is not as autokill as it might appear! This sent the building attacking Chimera packing leaving me to clean up the rest. The stanks figured out how to charge and together took out the 2 chariots, 1 soloed the warriors in the flank (boom!), while the other got a fluky cannon shot that killed the Hellcannon having missed the charge by a couple of inches (combat before gunz in my books!). I got lucky with a "rolled the flee dice too quickly" moment where my initial reaction was to flee the Dprince charge on demis flank to keep it out of combat...I totally didnt see the easy double stank rundown and the horrible overrun for the demis! Doggie charge on fleeing Demis = end 1 inch from board edge out of BSB range for a nervous rally test! However that game ended up as a big win for the Empire (stupid broken vanilla knights!)...the demis redeemed themselves by killing mr "unkillable" (my demis are making a habit out of that!).

So the not-so-secret in there is that I have a 2nd stank (my 3rd having sold my old metal one to Ben from Shirtsoffwarhammer). I havnt got around to painting it because of this:

Yup...lots of Marine goodness. I've been getting lots of crazy ideas... greenstuffed flames EVERYWHERE + a Forgeworld order is on the way with the Salamander shoulderpads/rhino doors etc to give the army the Salamander feel. Lots of fun...but OMG I'm sick of mould lines!

SPACEMARINES (Ironfists chaptertactics) VS ELDAR

So a trip north to the Metropolis that is Levin would not be complete without a game of 40k to get me used to not having 90 models on the board that cannot shoot and scream WAAAAGH. I looked around his shelves and saw some pretty marines and grabbed a few to get something that looked like an army. Glen added it all up, and then wrote a super broken Eldar cheese list to smash it. How nice of him.

We deployed:
Glen chose the other end of the table first. I put the landspeeder storm and 2x1 Attack bikes with Heavy bolters in reserve (yeah...power list). That Rhino has some tactical marines in it.

Glen's deployment:

Oh yeah...just 2 super waveserpents, a Nightspinner, jetbikes with a Farseer. 2 brightlance warwalkers and a Viper in reserve...cos this is a balanced game.

Basically I tried to hold my 2 objectives with super Eternal Warrior, 2+ as/3++ Chaptermaster tanking the Terminators while Glen happily flew around pwning me with all the terrain covering his flanks etc.

Action shot:
Crater is the remains of an Ironclad...I think I managed to take 2 hullpoints total the entire game!

But a fun pasting (and deserved given the hiding his VC got) that got me used to some of the rules (individual model placement = very important!) and experience of how fast other armies can move! I will have to be well tricksy with the Salamanders to keep up!

Anywho that is me for now. I'm trying to motivate myself to get the greenstuffing started for some exciting photgraphs of something other than my messy hobby space!

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