Thursday, 29 May 2014

Woodies Update


Woodies update: I've been busy painting away and making movement trays. In terms of "new purchases" I have only just today bought 5 Sisters of the Thorn and I have 6 more of the old school Wildriders on the way.

Anywho - my finished Glade Riders:

Looking very cool and stuff. 2x5 with Hagbane arrows seems like a good idea to me (I've got my first game on Saturday vs WoC so I'll guess I'll find out...)

Deepwood Scouts:

3x6 Scouts...a very thin 288pts when equipped with Trueflight arrows, I'm no fan of the "new" Glade Guard, especially when I have the option of deploying my shooting exactly where I need it. Scouts and Waywatchers FTW. I've now got my 20 Waywatchers ready to go...I just need to get some skirmish trays for them. I'm not convinced 2x10 Waywatchers is the best option given the price...but I can see the argument for 2x7 or 8 to keep the price down and still keep the effectiveness.


A new paint job for the top mage, and FINALLY got around to finishing the conversion for the other mage that I bought when Storm of Magic first came out! I'm thinking 3 Mages (1 lvl4 Heavens, 2 lvl1 beasts) gives the army the tactical flexibility to do what it needs to do (and isn't relying on 6 dicing withering so the 50+ Glade Guard can kill something). Of course my mantra is to always only use what I have, so I'll be bringing the Sisters of the Thorn into action once they are painted. Not convinced that the poorman's brolock character bus is the best idea, but I see the appeal of them.

So That's that. I'll battle report up the game and hopefully I wont get smashed by t5 chariots...


  1. Great looking models Joel.
    What's all the stuff in the background? A leaf, a seed plus other stuff.
    Did you take the picture outside or did you have the window open?
    Very wood-elfy anyhow

    1. The joys of renovating meaning there is no space for anything. The other half had a bunch of flower displays on the table (drying some of it out/growing other parts). I had to move it so the camera would focus...result is foliage on the gaming table.