Wednesday, 16 July 2014

painting stuff update

Righty - a chance to play with the light box thanks to the sniffles.

First up - some Salamander support characters that I dont particularly see myself using in "regular" lists, but are good to have around for the big games/trying something different:


Taken with my Ipad Mini...still a little grainy, but much better detail than ye old photo technique I don't like the fluffy approach of having all Librarian's being blue - so mine has Salamander green armour on. 


A case of finding a techpriest cheap instead of forking out far too much for a failcast one from GW. 

Sisters of Twilight

Some of the most fiddly models I've ever dealt with (on par with some of the stuff on the Hurricanum kit) that are also a bit of a showcase in GW's plastic casting. I'm in 2 minds about glueing the riders down...ease of transport vs ease of game play. 
And a little bit of freehand on the one command option I see myself taking on these guys. 

SO yeah that's that for now. Next on the painting table is my 3rd unit of 6 wildriders, a 3rd droppod and a Melta Dreadnaught.


  1. Need more light on that lightbox. Colors blending towards grey...

    1. That's probably the crappy camera more than anything. I'm going to dig out my "proper" camera and see what that can do