Saturday, 7 February 2015

Painting Update Seahelm and Dragon!

The wife was taking pics of boring stuff with her fancy camera. 1 Hot chocolate later and a couple of my latest models made it into the lightbox and the pics converted into a format my crappy computer understands with free software!


Before the End Times started I was getting a lot of stick for not really engaging with the "Fluff". So I went out of my way to find something I liked about the High Elves other than "they have dragons" (...and army wide ASF). Earlier I had (kinda) themed my high elves around the idea of Saxon shield wall (using Whitelions)...but meta changes and all that (+ new book) kinda ended that.

Anywho...after much reading of the Army book (or "cannon" as fandom's refer to these things) I actually kinda liked the idea of the SeaGuard...guardians of Ulthuan...+ naval stuff (who doesn't like ships???).

+ it helps that the seaguard models are very pretty (and not always useless in the game...)


Seahelm BSB

Very, very nice model to put together and paint. I was a little worried about the banner, but conveniently a dab of glue on the edge of the helmet = 2 contact points. Having moved to Melbourne I had to restart my paint collection so this is painted entirely with the "new" paints. This does mean he is a billion times brighter than the rest of my collection, but meh - it looks pretty :) I still dont own any water effects stuff so I need to finish the gems (and probably paint in the eyes...) but I'm happy with the result so far for "table top" quality.

Seahelm Dragon

I was a little suspect about this conversion. I've always liked the Black Dragon and for this "theme" approach it works as it has a nautical feel to it. What I wasn't sure about was the use of a dragon for the seaguard (theme)...then I remembered the one off game that no one bought...Dreadfleet...

...yup that's some dragon's with a fleet = legit for fluff.

I do plan to re-do the basing to look like it is perched on a rock in the sea...but I'll leave that for another time!


  1. What are the water effects for?
    If its the gems, I've been using the GW acrylic varnish "ardcoat" and l like the result

    1. Good idea. I use GW water effects for gems, tongues etc etc. Similar end result I guess.