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1600 points Empire vs WoC Meeting Engagement

So, last catch up battle report!

This game was us testing lists for a tournament in Auckland in a month's time. The lists were written with the comp in mind (which as since changed to a free for all of powerscrolling doom). Anyways, I took:
lvl2: Shadow
W.Priest: HA, Sh
BSB: FPA, Opal Amulet, charmed shield
30 Halberds: FC
29 Halberd: FC
30 Flagellants
10 xbows
28 Great Swords: FC
5 Pistoliers: M

He took:
Tz lvl2: scroll
Tz bsb: nothing of note
3x5 wolves
12 Korn Warriors: 2hw
12 Korn Warriors: Halberds
12 tz Warriors: shields
tz warshrine
2 Korn chariots

So a small, but very lethal WoC army. I was not looking forward to those chariots reaching my lines!

We, deployed, Warriors deployed first and my bsb started off the board.

So my plan was to hold the line, let him come to me and hopefully swing the halberds on the left into a nice flanking position. I assume the Warriors tactic was to deploy covering flanks, and smash into anything they looking to be a fluffy game haha.

Turn 1

Warriors move up, all magic was out of range. warshrine gives the Halberd KWar fear (oooooo)

My turn was a little more eventful. I cast wither on the 2hw Kwar. I TAKE THE LEAD when my xbows wipe a unit of wolves of the board (or pin them to it with bolts). The cannon misfires right on queue. The mortar however gets a direct hit on the 2hw Kwar smiting 3 (lots of 1's and 2's to wound grrr). Pistols kills 2 wolves and send them running.

Turn 2

One of the chariots gets over taken by frenzy having seen their pet doggies die and fails a very long range forced charge on the flagellants and moves 5 inches into a forest. The Pistols flee a charge from the warshrine. The wolves run off the board-WINNING BY 60 POINTS! The other unit of wolves move to direct the flagellants. In the magic phase, treason is cast in the most beardiest of ways (1, 1, 1, 1, 2), but my lvl2 IF dispel it to stop the nonsense. Warshrine gives the Halberd Kwar +1strength-so now super wounding me on 2's.

So my  Pistoliers rally and "treason" themselves by marching into the Chaos battleline.

Rest of line holds still except the flanking Halberds who continue to edge into position. I manage to get big miasma off on the 2hw Kwar giving them -2 to the relevant stats, hoping to keep them at bay for another turn of manoeuvring/give them less rounds of Combat to rip me to shreds! My xbows continue their target practice and pin another 4 doggies to the board, the remaining wolf flees. The pistoliers then double cross the Chaos hordes and shoot at the closest chariot, whose armour the bullets fail to penetrate. The mortar then gets a direct hit on the Halberd Kwar, squashing 3.

Turn 3
The chaos hordes continue to taunt the Empire line from afar.

In a very 7th ed moment, the pistoliers double cross confuses the Halberd Kwars and the warshrine, who find themselves march blocked. The lvl2, having none that nonsense, moves up to see if the Great swords want to switch sides. Flicker on the Pistols is stopped, however, a chaos inspired rebellion breaks out in Great Swords as some of the younger ones in panic decide that maybe Chaos is the better way. 11 Treasonous scum are cut down by the veterans (and for the better here here!). The Warshine then gifts the Halberd Kwar +1 to their armour save-finally, a useful gift!

On the Empire's side, the Pistols move to shoot the lvl2.

The BSB leaves the Great Swords, tactically avoiding anymore treasonous rumours. The greatswords reform into a block. The flanking halberds set the trap, giving the 2hw Kwar the choice of steadfast halberds then Greatswords in the flank, or visa versa. Magic is either scrolled, or dispelled, giving the 2hw Kwar the greenlight for combat. The mortar misses, the cannon blows up (on schedule) and the xbows fail to wound the 2hw Kwars. The Pistoliers also fail to do anything to the solo lvl2....not looking good for the Empire.

Turn 4
The Chaos hordes can wait no longer! The Chariots fueled by rage charge into the waiting arms of the flagellants. The 2hw Kwar opt to charge the Greatswords, but trip up on the roots in the forest, failing to make contact! The warshrine also fails a charge on the pistoliers. 1 pistolier was burnt in the flickering fires, while the flanking halberds had an out break of treason. Having witnessed the flagellants get charged by the chariots, yet the warriors stay their distance, some decide that maybe Chaos is not that bad after all. Nonsense the unit champ says (played in the film by Valten) and 7 conspirators are hacked down as a demonstration to other would be traitors. The warshrine then decides to give the Tz war fear... The chariots crush 19 flagellants between them. In return, 2 flagellants throw themselves into the chariots, inspiring the rest of the survivors to battle resulting in 3 wounds on 1 chariot, and 1 wound on the other.

So in my turn the Halberds on the right, very much igored up to this point, get frustrated and charge the halberd Kwar, having noticed that their armour does not look as tough as it did a second ago. The Great swords also charge the 2hw Kwar. The pistoliers, inspired by all the charging decide to charge the lvl2 as well (dumb move, but seemed fun). 2 Die from the forest grrr. The flanking halberds, not quite in the flank, position themselves for the flank charge. The lvl2, seeing the situation miasma's the 2hw kwar, dropping their I and weaponskill by 3. The Mortar then hits the warshrine, doing 2 wounds and 1 Tz War is killed by the xbows-proving that they, in fact, are not scared of them.
In combat, all but 1 flagellant dies. The Halberds on the right kill 4 warriors, losing 10 in return, but hold. The Greatswords lose 2 and in return cut down 7 warriors. The rest flee 12, so the Great swords reform to face the chariots. The Pistoliers are then easily wiped out by the lvl2. Sad face.

Turn 5

The Tz warriors tried to charge the Greatswords, but found that they could not fit passed the chariots. In the magic phase, the whispers of treason amongst the Greatswords is easily quelled, so the lvl2 then in flickers them, killing the single remaining traitor in the Greatsword ranks as punishment for failing to incite rebellion. The final flagellant is killed easily (well, I opted to martyr him, but still haha). The halberd on halberd match up continues to not go too well for the Empire, 8 dying, while only managing to kill 3 in return. The line holds as the Empire notice that the Korn warriors of death are starting to rapidly run out of guys...

So the great swords charge into the flank of one of the chariots, the flanking halberds, now with nothing to flank move up. The lvl2 then decides to wither the Tz warriors, doing so irrestistably (rolled 7, so nothing really happened). The Tz warriors reduced to t3-every little helps. Shooting then fails to do anything to the withered tz warriors. In Combat, 5 more Empire Halberds die before the rest wipe out the Korn warriors, their banner snatched by the victorious Empire! The Korn chariot manages to kill 4 Great Swords before it is stomped into the ground and the great swords over run into the next chariot.

Turn 6
The Tz warriors, not ones for inefficient war, rolled snake eyes to complete a 6 inch charge on the Great Swords. The warshrine then fails a long range charge on the flanking halberds, who are in a very dangerous position. In the magic phase, all the Empire dice are thrown stopping a treason in the flanking halberds. The other unit of halberds is then flickered, BBQing 3 of them, but they hold. The warshrine continues its run and does nothing (7).  In the Combat, the Tz champ challenges, and the Great sword champ accepts and dies. The W.Priest is also cut down, but the Great swords cut down the remaining chariot, but not before it kills 2 Greatswords, reducing them to the front rank. They hold and opt to not reform, so as to deny attacks.

So, the flanking halberds decide that they should actually do some flanking, and charge into the Tz warriors. The lvl2, exhausted, fails to cast wither on 4 dice. In Combat, Valten is cut down by the Tz unit champ. However, the Tz warriors fluff their attacks, only killing 1, the Halberds kill 2 tz warriors in return. The Empire, winning combat by 4, hopeful of a run down as disappointed as the tz warriors roll a 3 for their break test and hold.

So a close run victory for the Empire. The 2hw Kwars having ran off the board, gave some much needed points. For all the carnage the Warriors of Chaos inflicted, they only managed to kill the W.Priest general, the flagellants, the headstrong pistoliers (who should have easily preserved their points) and a cannon was gifted when it exploded. The Empire in return killed the chariots, all the wolves, the 2hw warriors and the halberd warriors.

On review of the game, It played out how I anticipated. I was pleased that my 30 Halberds could go toe to toe with the Hal Kwar-my numbers being key. The Great swords did what they needed to do, and I was very, very lucky that the tz warriors fluffed on the final round of Combat. I still hate treason too.

I'm happy with the list, and will most likely take it to the tournament, despite the now complete lack of restrictions, however, I might squeeze out some points for a dispel scroll!

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