Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Good Days Gaming

So a good day for the Empire today. Laid the smack down on the Warriors of Chaos in a watchtower mission, and then gave it to the Orcs in the "normal" mission.

My list for both games (and my "standard" 2000 point list)
lvl4: Light and scroll (spells 1, 2, 3, 6 Perfect roll (well any roll with spells 1 and 2 is perfect haha)
Warrior Priest: Ha, Shield (general)
Warrior Priest: Ha, 2nd hand weapon
BSB: Full plate, charmed shield, opal amulet
46 Halberds: Full Command
45 Halberds: Full Command
30 halberds: m, sb
2x5 Free Company detachments
10 Crossbows
30 flagellants
5 Pistoliers: M
2 Cannon

So for the watchtower I was up against:
Tz lvl4 with puppet and (3)+ ward and charmed shield (pandi, treason, flicker, gateway Perfect roll grumble grumble)
lvl2: fire, scroll
Tz BSB with ward
3x5 wolves
12 Korn warriors: m, Sb, 2nd hand weapon
12 Korn Warriors: m, Sb, halberds
12 Tz Warriors: FC, shields
Korn chariot

Basically the 2hw Warriors started in the watchtower. My flagellants charged turn 1 with timewarp and wiped them out on the charge with 3 martyred. My pistoliers ninjaed into his lines and killed the lvl2 in a hail of bullets. I had a unit of halberds either side of the watchtower, and the unit of 30 hovering around the back field. My xbows and 2 free company units won the chaff war and got into nasty positions.

Game swung my way turn 3 when his halberds were stuck as could either charge what was left of my pistoliers away from the building, and then over run into freecompany to get my halberd horde in the flank, or stay still. In the same turn, my cannon killed all the crew of the hellcannon, which then decided to guard their fallen bodies, my xbows finished off the chariot = complete domination of the right side of the battlefield. At the same time on the left side my other detachment was stuck in combat with his wolves effectively blocking his tz halberds and warshrine from my horde and the tower. I ended up feeding his tz warriors my 30 strong halberd unit, which took 4 rounds of CC. Most memorable part was when I gave them ASF, +1 attack and rolled EIGHT 1's to hit in the do or die final deciding "win or lose steadfast" combat...woot.

Still though, at end of game I had only lost that unit, my pistols, a 25 point detachment, my lvl4 that he IF flickered in last turn (cheat!), and a cannon that exploded. He only had lvl4, what was left of tz warriors + the BSB on the table. However, my blocks should really have been counted as part of his army as they treasoned pretty much every turn grrrrr. So very solid victory/massacre to me.

Second game was vs Orcs. The opposing army:
Orc warboss with +3 attack sword, armour ward and initiative potion
Orc BSB on boar with 5+ ward
Orc lvl2 the headbutt spell and wizard sniper spell
Gobbo lvl1-scroll signature spell
big bus of 35 Orc boyz board and sword: FC
45 Night goblins with bows and 2 fanatics
2x5 wolf riders with spear and no bows
24 Black Orcs: M, Sb, flame
2 Orc boar Chariots
2 spear chukkas
rock lobba
Doom diver
2 manglers

So really bad roll for spells + didnt get a spell off all game. Fortune smiled on me and I rolled the same spells as the first game.

So I got first turn. put 2 wounds on mangler on right side with cannon, failed to hit the 2nd mangler and killed 16 night goblins with the mortar (who was fresh from killing the Hellcannon game before). Pistols moved up and made wolf unit flee (rallied next turn). xbows took one of the boar chariots to 1 wound left with long range awesomeness. Rest of army just kinda stood around waiting for the Orcs to make their moves. Opponent was smart and didnt run the mangler on left side of battle into the pistoliers as I was inside his battleline-so both randomly moved 13-that one to the side of my pistoliers, the other kinda aimlessly towards my line. He then decided to try kill my pisoliers. 2 spear chukkas, doom diver and (finally) a direct hit from lobba = enough dead for a panic check, which was failed, and I ran straight through the mangler, killing it and me. So job well done pistoliers! My xbows then finished off the other mangler while my mortar exploded and my cannons killed the wounded chariots and failed to wound the lobba.

Flagellants moved up to dance with the black orcs while the 2 halberd units were squaring off with the Orc bus and night gobbos. My freecompany on left and right moved up to counter/try trap the 2nd chariot and bus. His lobba killed a cannon and his army continued to square off with me, peppering me with arrows. I then charge the flag into the 2nd unit of wolves with the intent of clipping the Black orcs on the over run-which is what happened. My halberds moved to create the fantastic L shape trap with right unit of free company blocking the charge into the flanker (the other unit having died gloriously to the bus setting up the trap).

His turn was the clincher as the gobbos rolled a 6 on the animosity table = charged over one of their fanatics they released on the charge into the trap (went 3 inches) and ran into the trap, The Orcs, insulted by the readiness for bloodshed that the gobbos were after charged on in as well. I JUST won the combat (only had Ph'as in effect)-saved by the easy CR from the gobbos. Meanwhile there were only 8 Black Orcs left to run down after the flagellants had had their fun (also killing the 2nd chariot that had flank charged)-they ran into the rallied wolfriders.  My turn the trap springs, I cast I10, WS10 (let through), and then IF'ed timewarp = less than 2 ranks of Orcs left alive to run down and only 2 gobbos.  So another massacre to me.

SO a good days gaming. List worked and most importantly I got the spells of that I needed to get off. Timewarp is an unusual beast in that I still think it works best when focused on single units rather than the "everyone" approach. Only time I did that was in the last game in the final dual-and I risked losing my lvl4 to do so. I was annoyed that I failed to cast the "effectively unbreakable" spell every time I went to cast it, but it's potential is limitless...unbreakable chaff comes to mind.

SO anyway, now to finish painting the 2nd Sisters of Sigmar detachment. They well and truly earned a coat of paint.

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