Saturday, 9 July 2011

Horned Rat IV day Two

So as mentioned in earlier post I forgot to bring my camera sigh. For easy reading I'll just give a quick run down on the last 2 games.

Game 4: Blood and Glory vs Skaven

This game was very interesting. My opponent (Doug) Had no magic, ABomb, or artillery. Instead, he had a warlord on a litter, bsb, ninja dude, engineer, and butt loads of troops. Like seriously.
His army was something like:

warlord on litter (4+ ward)
4/5 x 25 Slaves
30 clan rats-with Doom flayer
big block of giant rats
2x 5 rats
5 rat swarm bases
6 Rat Ogres
25 gutter runners with tunneling thing
14 plague monks with banner of the under empire
hamster wheel

So basically he had deployed 200ish points by the time my entire army was deployed haha. I was lucky in that my team has taken "elite army" meaning I got to add my special slot (10 great swords). They were VERY useful.

So I won the game, 2 VPs short of a 20-nill fustratingly. The game COULD have easily gone the other way though. Basically I pushed my stuff up the middle, used my fodder to set up multiple combats (Ie my horde overrunning into another combat, that then gets fought that round.). my saving grace was destroying the hamster wheel, as my line quickly swung to a battle of the pass style set up-with the hamsterwheel looking down my flank "cue my cannons doing their job" + 1 of my hordes failed a re-rolling steadfast check when plaguemonks fluked a long range flank charge -however I rallied and killed the unit haha. His warlord was the luckiest rat in the world ever. He 4+ warded 4 cannon wounds and a mortar round before being pulled down by halberds. Best unit in the game was 1 of my blocks that held a charge from Warlord, the rat ogres, doom flail and giant rats to allow my flagellants to swing in and win the day. Oh, and ASF spell FTW.

Speaking to Doug after the game about why he has no magic, his answer was that his army can absorb direct damage. With so many units, there was always another unit if one got destroyed. However, my buff and hex magic got around that by affecting key combats + my chaff allowed me to remove 2 units/combat phase x2. Very much useful.

Doug was a fantastic opponent however, and I assume will be looking to get a lvl2 caddy in there somewhere!

Game 5. Random deployment vs Lizardmen Mike

Last game of the event was vs my twin list: lore of light Lizards. His list was something like:
light Slann with usual stuff
2 old scar vets on coldones
2 blocks of saurus
1 cohort unit
2 units of skinks (1 was slot)
1 chameleon unit (slot)
2 sallys
1 sally (slot.).

Being last game we spent all our gold and I got my scouts (sigh) and my 10 great swords (yay!).
The game started well with my lvl4 being sucked into the warp (got big phas up though...). The lvl4 decided to take 13 halberds from 1 unit and 8 from one of the hordes with it. *insert much grumbling about the slann being just out of range to steal my  6's...* The my mortar exploded and both cannons misfired. His turn 1 the Slann Miscasted and became a lvl1. Meaning the game became t4 cold blood vs t3 feather hats and cod pieces.

I emphasis the cold blooded as it was the saviour of the day. I managed to salvage my position (thankfully the slann only had the very dispellable phas and light of battle) with some good use of troop movement. However, my Flagellants fluffed a key combat (tired after a weekend of Pwning), and even with a bus in the flank I just couldnt break a unit of saurus that a) were dying easy to my halberds, b) hitting back with plastic swords. my great swords slipped through the lines to try ninja the slann-however only 2 made it, and only managed 1 wound over lots of rounds of combat (4+ ward again...)-finally dying to a solo sally charge bottom of turn 5. The biggest problem I really had was that my bus was useless after the miscast, and my hordes were depleted from fighting chaff and 1 lucky sally hit-t4 beats numbers when no supporting magic. My scouts were also useless-charging a unit of 8 skinks. 3 die to S&S, and then lose 2 rounds of combat before being run down. The cannons were the MVP killing the steg and the 2 scar vets (who ran solo).

The game felt like a loss-and it was a minor loss. 2 Key combats didnt swing my way-despite the odds, but that is Warhammer for you. Still a fun game of dice fail lolz for both of us.

Wrap up:

So won 3, drew 1 and lost 1. Both the loss and the draw I felt I could have won had 1 or 2 crucial things gone my way (flag flank charge on spears, Saurus and cohort block remembering to run when lose combat and steadfast), but still very happy with the results.

In the end, the R.O.Mans achieved their objective and won! I had to leave earlier, so vicariously enjoyed the chocolate prize (with an IOU to be repaid at Call To Arms next month haha).

Objectives that affected us:
Lizards had to protect us
Skaven has to wipe us out
chaos had to always have a border with us

A very fun event, and I'm looking forward to the next one. Big thanks to Pete Dunn for organising the event.

The next event (Call to Arms in August) my Empire will be taking a break, and my woodies will have their first 8th event run about. Next post will explore list and painting objectives for the event.

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