Saturday, 23 July 2011

Note to Self- ALWAYS write battle reports...

Just a quick post record a fantastic game today that I a) did not take pics of; and b) did not write notes up on-much to my regret.

It was a Battle of the Pass 2400 High Elves vs OnG. I used the list I used last week. I was up against:

Warboss and BSB in block of Orcs
Savage lvl4: Shrunken head in block of Big Un Savage Orcs
Gobbo lvl2 with scroll
6 trolls
2x5 spider riders
Huge Spider thingie
2x2 gobbo chariots
pump wagon
2 manglers
rock lobba

(potential list for a 2400 OnG, skaven, and Dwarf tournament where 1/3 of games will be underground-hence all the strider stuff).

(quick side note-after the game we he realised that had too many points in Rare = pump wagon dropped for 2 spear chukkas in future).

So a lot of history going into this game. The Orc's DDiver has never failed to kill all Dragon Princes on the board and well, big spiders are cool and I promised not to kill it with shooting.  Also, it was my opponent's FIRST EVER time using spider riders-despite having 30 painted.  (success-they killed an eagle with poison and then died to shooting and solo Dragon Prince charge).

How did the game go?

HOW ABOUT FOOT OF GORK FOR THE WIN. Seriously. Turn 2 the lvl4 IF's it. Direct hit on Whitelions x2 = 4 whitelions left alive, direct hit on Spears, and I get my revenge by standing on the Savage orcs Killing 12. The IF then sucks the lvl4 into the warp and takes the rest of the Savage orcs sans 4 with it.

The shooting phase is another success for the artillery dice.D Diver hits and kills 4 out of 5 Dragon Princes (kills the final 1 2 turns later once remaing prince had soloed a unit of spider riders). And the Rocklobba "hits" and leave only 6 spearelves left in the unit.

In my Next turn I RBT the final SOrcs. Alot of destruction from 1 spell!

The Spider died in spectacular fashion. I saw a overun flank with teh swordmasters via the pumpwagon. So dead pump wagon and Archers into the front of the spider = Swordmasters overrun in the flank of the spider. A Swordmasters were a little disappointing. Only missed 2ce, but only caused 2 wounds (very, very poor rolling!). The archers also sneak a wound past the armour. However, as I had dropped the Spider's strength to 3, it only caused 4 wounds to me. I win through CR and run it down.

That was the only real combat of the game (Trolls finished off the last 4 White Lions who had occupied a building). I shot to death everything else (incl the D Diver). The rocklobba fell apart and I pitted the Trolls. Only things left was the Warboss's unit and the lvl2. My Combat units were waaay to small to engage it, and in the last phase I didn't have enough dice to cast a lucky pit.

So an enjoyable game that I was lucky to win given that Gork had stomped on all my stuff!

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