Monday, 2 January 2012

Painting Update: Dragon, Eagle Prince, and Whitelions

So, I've been rather busy of late painting away.

My new Dragon

So went for a grey/blue look with stone highlights to try make the dragon look like it belongs in the environment that my High Elves are based. The dragon also has portability built into it. The Dragon is pinned to the rock with the left foot actually part of the rock (and instead pins to the dragon).

The Eagle Prince:

So just the Island of Blood Griffon painted up in my army colours. However since I am using the Griffons as my eagles, this allows me to use this model and still be  "WYSIWYG" in theme with my Chrace army. One thing I could have done looking back is flame up the lance like my Dragon/Swordmasters. if I get time I might go back and do it.

The Swordmasters:

One of the sad facts of the High Elf army is that after eagles, 5 Elite troops is the next cheapest thing that can be fielded. Swordmasters work perfectly for this role. 10 s5 ws6 i5 ASF attacks for 75 points..sigh. These are my "chaff". I also have movement trays made up to extend the units to 7 strong.

White Lion Horde #1 + BSB

So horde #1 of 2. This one is 27 strong and due to the BSB has magical attacks (now rather relevant). The 2nd unit is still a work in progress and will be 28 strong with flame banner.

I am currently re-painting my Dryads and thinking of a basing scheme for my woodies. I'm also getting the last griffon painted and working on the 2nd whitelion unit. Very busy and hopefully I'll have another painting update very soon!


  1. Awesome work, they look great Joel. Nice unified colour scheme.

  2. They do look great together. As I've mentioned before its a really clean colour scheme and works across the board.

    What sort of basing scheme are you thinking of for your woodies? I've just aquired some poision ivy foliage which will fit wonderfully into my 'dark' forest theme =)

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    @Hulabell: I havnt quite decided how I am going to base my woodies. My army was never based around a season, though if I had to pick it would probaby be early spring (wild riders and dryads are only forest spirits + Orion used as my monster for transformation spell in Beasts lore). I want it to look like a forest floor. I still need to do a bit of research into it me thinks.