Saturday, 28 April 2012

Horned Gobbo 2012

Alrighty, so the Horned Gobbo is next weekend and apparently it is the biggest Welly event in AGES, so very, very exciting.

Anywho, the lists have all been submitted, so now "safe" to reveal my evil plan for world domination.
I present to you, my new, re-painted, re-based, re-movement trayed Woodie list of doom!

LVL4: (beasts), Scroll, Stone of Crystal mere, Resplendence of Luminescents
BSB: Asyendi's Bane, Hail of Doom Arrow

18 Glade Guard: Full Command-Flame Banner
6x10 Glade Guard: Musician
4x8 Dryads

2x5 Wildriders: Musicians

2x5 Waywatchers

Ambush MSU Woodies with lots of shooting goodness. And for all those "haters" out there who moan that woodies never engage in combat-please note the 6 dedicated combat units :D

I'm still frantically finishing the movement trays, so I'll get some pics of the army up mid week.

Looking forward to the weekend and all the warhammer goodness etc.

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