Saturday, 21 April 2012

Two opposing schools of thought

Righty, finally had a chance to really mull over the new Empire armybook (inbetween frantic woodie painting...list submission looming!).

From what my simple mind has comprehended this book is a very different beast to the old one.

With so much choice it is tempting to scatter gun approach list design...however that is not really a good idea for competitive play. However that is not the be all and end all....I want to use my toys!

So based on my initial thoughts I came up with a list like this:

Alector: Walter, Ha, GW, Dhelm, 4++        314
lvl4: light scroll                225
Engineer                    65
BSB: FPA, ench shield, 5pt sword, COC        136   
Wpriest: Bsteed, HA, GW, Ratslayerhelm        103
50 Halberds: FC                    330
2x5 Free Company Detach                60
10 xbows                    90
2x5 Free Company Detach                60
11 ICKnights: FC-steel                340
2 Cannons                    240
3 Demigriffs: lance, champ            184
Hurricanum                        130
hellblaster                    120

Lots of toy goodness. However it plays like a VC list in that the main battle line has to be very tight to make sure everything benefits from the walter and the hurricanum (which looklike a pain in the ass to assemble and paint due to internal visable details!) I am also not convinced that boundspell spam will the all that effective/will draw too many powerdice away from the lvl4-even with +1 power dice.

Also looks far too much like my 7th book list to feel like a real new armybook!

However it has lots of shooty goodness and covers alot of the bases.

So List number#2 is more MSU orientated and draws some inspiration from SmithF's blog-but taking into account the new cool detachment rules.

lvl4: light                    200
BSB: FPA, Enchshield, COC,             131
lvl1 (scroll) metal                90
Captasus: FPA, csh, PoStrength, lance             143
Captasus: FPA, sh, lance, pofool        125
40 Halberds: FC                    270
10 Freecompany                    60
10 Freecompany                    60
8 IcKnights: m, sb-flame            230
2 cannons                    240
3 DGriffs (lance)                174
3 DGriffs (lance)                174
5 Rknights: m                    145
5 Rknights: m                     145
5 outriders                    105
5 outriders                    105

NO RARE! ldship is ld8! BOOM

So what is there to like...hmmmm Well for starters it is pretty much all mounted. The 2 units of battle budgies are the serious hammer unit to work off the 5 stubborn units. 1+ as all over the place is very exciting, so is the speed.
Not as exciting a shooting phase as the new book allows (no flaming cannons, no hellblaster... sad face), but enough to get the job done where needed. Also it is nothing like my list with the old book + means I can delay painting the hurricanum and the walter which is a bonus. Getting the ld9 will take some thinking to get an Archlector in the list...possibly drop a unit of rieksguard knights...dunno will require some play testing...AFTER Horned Gobbo.

Anyways-very exciting to have new book and I'm sure these lists will get thrown out the window 1/2 way through the first game and I will then be going on about how amazing chariot spam is...

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