Monday, 22 October 2012

Reports from last week and a new Warrior Priest

Hi all,

So *insert too busy/lazy excuse here* I finally have a quick report from the games at the Dunngeon.

Please note these games were pre FAQ.

GAME 1 vs Tom DoC

Gross, demons. Anywho we roll up battle for the pass. My first turn shooting phase is a massive fail. Then the game swings drastically...

Why hello Mr Billy the Blood Thirster and obvious Stank trap and solo fiend vs 5 Demigriffs...

Dead Billy, dead bloodcrusher, OMG the fiend survives...
Yeah...not cool. Maybe the Stank can save the day!
Nope...stupid random move! What is not pictured is my ICKS losing 5 from a forest and then getting smashed by Bloodletters

So yeah, lost that one

GAME 2 vs Pete Night Goblins and 2 Orcs

So what would be a rather themed list if not for the addition of a black orc warboss (for Stand of Discipline anti Goblin list!) and an Orc lvl4 so have access to real spells :P

So what happens with all this?
Foot of Gork later = no demigriffs and Doomdivers kill the Captasus

Failed Animosity to draws out 2 blocks...but of course they pass ldship 5 hold from over run into danger (see! No need for ldship 10...)

 Then Nurgle decided to intervene in the game.

Ahh real combat. My Stank then forgot how to generate breath weapon attacks (3 more than 5 hits each time!) and the ldship10 re-roll is in force.

So I hold on to kill off the bus. I get flanked by the Squig hoppers who kill my BSB last turn. In other news 5 Knights vs pumpwagon then overrun into Anraknarok and hold for 3 rounds. It then pops out to say hello (fun game) and gets Hellblaster + 2 cannons to the face! and goes squish. In a "tournament" environment I wouldnt have done that as there was no way the anarknarok would expose itself to all my artillery.

SO lost that one too, but not by as much. I should have been more aggressive as I was a sh*t scared of fanatics + knights = bad times. Losing the Demigriffs early on was not nice....but now they are t4, so in future games they can run over fanatics no problem.

Thoughts from the games...bye bye stank...hello 4 more Demigriffs (on the painting table as I type!). Hopefully the Stank can redeem itself at Skitterleap.


Righty-so thinking ahead to Vermintide I will be running a block of Halberds + stuff. To lead them I need a Warrior Priest = excuse to paint up new character model!

So fail cast. I had to rebuild the left arm to allow the join to work. I also had to rebuild the nose and fill up the right hand hammer's head (basically hollow!).

Other than that, it was a nice model to paint. I tried to make him look a little "grizzled veteran". Nothing too fancy-just followed my basic paint scheme for my Empire. I am very much looking forward to running him on the table with a horde of Halberds.

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