Saturday, 27 October 2012

Skitterleap Day 1

Hi All,

So Skitterleap 2012. 22 players, and I'm the only Empire representative. I used the list that I've been using lately. Other lists can be found if follow link in last post.

I'll do a proper "my thoughts" at the end, but up front it was a really fun event, and I almost successfully submarined my way into the top 5 (in the 1st 3 games you can see the obvious "and this is where I lost 2 or 3 battlepoints).


GAME 1: Random deployment vs Joe D's WOC

This game can be summed up like this:

Please note I deployed the Demigriffs first and had the foresight to deploy them like that!

So the first couple of turns are me trying to unwind the puzzle under the pressure of a Comet that was IF'ed right in the middle.

It eventually hit, radius of heaps, s7 and killed my Hellblaster, 1 archer detach, a big chunk of my archer bunker, and more knights that I would usually be comfortable losing. We played a bit of cat and mouse, his front Knight block bore the brunt of Final Transmutation/searing doom/burning gaze/cannons.

 So I picked up the first unit with no combat, and then set my sights on the 2nd. In the mean time my vanilla knights are playing cat and mouse with Marauder horsemen and my stank is busy killing itself. Also I got flank charged by stubborn Chaos disc lord, who lost on SCR, failed re-roll test, fled...and I failed to catch.

End game: I put caution to the wind and went for the kill.

So knights to the front, captasus to the rear. Break unit-BSB dies-it escapes. Charge it again, win (again) and run it off the board.

So a 14-6 win to me thank you Mr stank blowing up turn 6 from mishaps (gain d3 steampoints and take the wounds)...sigh.

A fun, and good first game. Joe went on to win Skitterleap, so it's nice to know I blooded his army first.

GAME 2  Blood and Glory vs Mike K's DOC

YIKES! 3 bloodletter hordes, Billy the Bloodthirster's angry cousin, lvl2 life and token flamer bunker. The army I was least wanting to face. I had a quick chit chat with James before the game to ask for some "what the hell do I do? " advice...and well...

End of Mike's first turn. I then apply James' advice (Hit one, block one, ignore one)

BOOM! 2 wounds on Billy from impact hits. I think my plan is working...

Almost through...then I commit a tactical blunder/fall into Mike's cunning trap. He pulled the flamers + herald lvl2 out of the building to get better shots on my back line. I charge in my Captasus (2+ as, 2++ vs flame). Fail my fear test (fail to do any wounds). Flamers strike back. I fail 3  out of 4 armour saves, then fail 2 out of 3 2++ vs flame.  I then (naturally) fail my break test and run 4... This then opens up the flank of my Vanilla knights to the flamers (breaks and runs) who were waiting for the "ignore it" unit to get closer before I chaffed it. This then means a unit of bloodletters and flamers get to take out my back line...helped by my lvl4 going down the hole.

So anyway, I take out the "hit it" unit, my stank bites the dust, so I set up to recieve Billy (who survives a cannon hit with no wounds).

Billy hits, kills unit champ and gets flanked.

And to much yelling of "TAKE IT OFF" Billy is taken down by some angry chickens-but not before he kills my BSB-breaking me and giving up 600 extra VPs. 

Turn 6 I promptly flee charges, rally and we count up points.

I loose 3-17, however when you remove the 600VP boost, I only lost by just under 200VPs. In my books vs this list, that was a victory!

GAME 3 Watch Tower vs James M's Helves

Yay! a repeat of Thursday's game.

James gets the tower and we deploy (NSFW)

With hindsight from Thursday's game, I push up a lot more aggressively.

After a bit of chaffing (stank kills 2 eagles, Demigriffs kill 1), some Final Transmutation goodness (15 dead whitelions), some super horrible RBT shooting (2 rounds of 3 RBT's = dead captasus) and equally as bad cannon shooting (1 wound on a RBT in same time frame) our lines finallly meet (pic taken before Captasus gets skewered)

In Magic phase James thought it would be lolz to book of broken a purple sun through my knights and down my Demigriffs. 4 knights die and EVERY SINGLE DEMIGRIFF passes the test! Que looks of amazement on James' face.

Demigriffs vs Whitelions = dead whitelions over 2 rounds of Combat. On the other side of the board we decided to do "Dragon Princes vs Vanilla Knights" round 2.

I got the charge this time and due to no magic support I came off 2nd best, but I held all game WIN! The solo 1+ re-rolling 5++ noble had some fun killing chaff and hellblaster before he wore a cannon to the face. My Engineer got to try out his light armour...failed miserably :(

SO my Demigriffs and knights are rampaging, I finally kill the RBT on 1 wound and then I make a fatal mistake: I mis calculate how many turns I have left - ie I thought I had 2 turns, when only had 1. = on my last turn I'm not facing the RBT's for easy 200VPs, and instead I wear 2 RBT's worth of shooting and I'm left with this:

That's 370VPs in that final ICK...and a few nervous armoursaves my me!

So we add up the points. James has the tower making it a 10-10 draw-19pts in his favour. Grrr. Taking the RBT's would have moved that to 11-9 oh well. To think we joked during the break of playing for a draw...didnt think we would do it so convincingly!

So end of day 1 I'm on 29pts...1 short of the minimum of where I would like to be.

Day 2 to follow. 


  1. was james deliberately posing in those first couple photos? if not, well done sir on tower placement

    1. He lifted the leg and threatened to undo the zip, however I lined up the tower unbeknown to James