Friday, 23 November 2012

NZ Masters 2012


So next weekend is the NZ Masters 2012 for WHFB, 40K, and Flames of War. (exploding lvl4 Woodies at Horned Gobbo aside), I have performed well enough this year at the tournaments to get an invite to the WHFB Masters. VERY EXCITING...but also means I have no "easy" games = no submarining...oh well.

My list:

The Art Collector (General): BSteed, Armour of Destiny, shield, Crown of Command, Biting Blade
lvl4: (Metal), scroll
BSB: BSteed, Full Plate ,Shield, Talisman of Preservation
Captasus: Full Plate, Charmed Shield, DBGem, SoMight
lvl2: (light), scroll of shielding

13 Inner Circle Knights: FC-Banner of Discipline
5 Knights: M
5 Knights: M
10 Archers
5 Archers (Detachment)
5 Archers (Detachment)

5 Demigryphs: M, SB
4 Demigryphs: M

The rest of the lists can be found here

My list has been described as "solid" and a "KFC family feast", but I just think it should be fun to use.

The event should be really fun...if not super tiring with 6 games instead of the usual 5 vs some very tight lists being handled by some top opposition.

As usual I will be annoying my opponents with lots of photos so I can do battle reports. 


  1. Good man, I do like your list, fast, flexible & hits hard. I think you'll do well at Masters with it as you also know how to use it well. I think I have had a pretty good first year of tournament play, maybe in a couple of years we will meet at Masters (and then you can 20-0 submarine me) :)

  2. got to admit Joel, Very solid list. If it plays anywhere near the 1200 pt list, Should be good