Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Painting prep for Vermintide

Hi fellow Warhammer nerds.

I'm not sure I am going to get a game in this week (sad face), so instead I thought I would share my painting/hobby prep for Vermintide.

First off, my new mage:
Simple head swap (do these count as "conversions"? I had to cut back some of the hair to get it to fit...) on the new plastic Volkmar model that comes with the waralter kit. Head is from the flagellant kit.  This guy will be rocking it at Vermintide as my lvl1 of Fire with "ruby staff (ring)" (list in previous post-better remember to submit it!), but I think he looks sufficiently "metal" enough to be my new lvl4 as well.

Next-the rest of the Demigriffs...

With an extra one snuck in there because he (or she-can't see under the platemail) is the unit standard bearer:
At Skitterleap my blood and glory weakness was exploited by a bloodthirster, so my risk reduction plan was to give BSB a 4++, and add another banner to my 2nd most trusty unit-the 5 Demigriffs of Bloodthrister eating doom!

So that's the Empire. I dont have any 4 wide Demigriff trays made up-but I do have 2 3 wide trays that I will have to use unless I can get to a GW before then to get some more movement tray stuff.

Next, we move onto the Woodies. Alex has confirmed he can come, and will be taking the list I posted in the last post. So (naturally) this was an excuse to bring some other parts of my collection up to "8th" standard.

The treekin:
Nothing too exciting-basically rebased them and that was it. For all the hype Treekin recieved when 8th was released, I still only own 3 (and a metal Ent that can be a 4th). I keep thinking I should get another 3 to have a unit of 6, but I prefer the gunline approach.

And the Noble on an Eagle:
I had an eagle noble in 7th that was really gross. Basically one of the old wareagles (ie what I use as an eagle) with a poorly converted gladerider sitting on his neck. When I first got into warhammer the offical noble on eagle model (and stag rider) were the reasons I got into woodies in the first place, so I've actually had the eagle model for as long as I've been playing, I have just never used it. Sadly I cannot find the rider's arms, so I have bluetac'ed a warhawk rider on top (I will get round to pinning it I promise! Or even better, I might bribe Ryan to magnetise it...). But I think the warhawk rider looks waaaay cooler anyway.

I originally started prepping this model for the Warhammer achievements tournament that was cancelled, so it is very cool that I finally had an excuse to finish it up and get to to table top standards.

My next Woodies project will be to get the stag rider to tabletop standard too.

Also-sorry Alex, model was supplied with a 50x50mm base, so it has to have one.

In other news, I convinced my partner that a whole heap of skirmish movement trays from here (not safe for wallet!) was a suitable birthday present for me, so 12 three 20mm bases wide, 4 five 20mm base wide, and 8 25mm base wide skirmish trays in the post! This will give me enough to do:

4 units of 8 dryads (4 wide)
2 units of 5 waywatchers (3 wide)
2 units of 5 wardancers (5 wide)
2 units of 5 archer detachments (3 wide)
2  units of 5 witchhunter "posse" archer detachments (my sister of sigmar models 3 wide)
1 unit of 10 archers (5 wide)

Hopefully they arrive in time for Vermintide, but if not, in time for Masters...

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  1. Congratulations on the masters invitation, well deserved. More than happy to do a bit of magnetising if you trust me to drill your models! I really like the fire wizard, and those extra chicken knights are going to cause me woe. I have a game against Wils Ogres tonight will let you know how it goes.