Thursday, 16 October 2014

It's the little things

Hi All,

Thursday night is Warhammer night here in Brunswick and I rocked up with my High Elves and found myself in a pick up game with Empire that looked like THIS:

Karl Franz with the Ghul Maraz
13 Reiksguard knights with swiftness banner posse
10 Archers bunkering 2 lvl2 light mages

So no artillery, no 1+as shooting of any note.

In response I unpacked my 2000pts of Elfy goodness

Lvl4 metal, book of hoeth
SeaHelm BSB: Reavorbow, shield of 4+ parry
2x10 Silverhelms: FC - shields
28 Whitelions: FC - Banner of World Dragon
5 Shadow Warriors
3x1 RBT

An interesting match up. The light mages rolled phas, speed of light, net, and timewarp. I rolled up searing doom, glittering robes, enchanted blades and final trans.

We deployed;
Hopefully our respective tactics are rather clear. Empire looking to own the middle...I'm looking to encircle.

Anywho the Empire stumble up carefully. I let through Timewarp on the Halberds.

I then have my turn and make my fatal mistake (pic is beginning of Empire t2 checking the mistake)
First what I did right:
- I reformed the whitelions into "Seahelm abuse" formation.
- Knights and Frostie a pushing the flanks
- Shadow Warriors push into the archer detachment to stop them getting annoying

What I did wrong:
- didn't factor in 16 inch halberd march (not a biggie)
- Eagle should have blocked the knight bus BECAUSE
- Frostie was lazily placed and scrapped into the LOS of Karl Franz
- silverhelms on my right a little too close/under appreciated luminark charge

Obviously the eagle/frostie thing is an either place frostie better, OR place it better AND block with eagle (ie frostie with more view of the centre of the board).

So magic phase...6 dice monkey Final Trans and blow up the Reiksknight and kill Karl Franz! Shooting phase kills a few more knights and we call it. I WIN!

However we play on pretending Karl Franz avoided the final trans...and this is where all my mistakes kick in..

1) luminark charges silverhelms...queue all game hold up to allow Karl and the posse to clean them out
2) hurricanum charges eagle (holds), silverhelms flank in but fail to kill it...cannot overrun as this would mean rear charging karl franz for certain death...instead hurricanum flees TOWARDS the halberd combat.
3) frostie flees karl charge and is removed from the game as it gets out of position and cannot get back to help before dying.
3) not really mistake, but a consequence of losing 3 levels the lvl2's gain magic dominance and the halberds spend the rest of the game with ws10, i10, -1 to hit...Whitelions died horribly and didnt risk combat reform as I had no chance to use them offensively :(

So there you are!

Always check your LOS archs, always check your next turn threats, and try not to turn your lvl4 into a lvl1 t1!

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