Friday, 26 December 2014

Bringing the Hobby back

Long time no post!

What I've been doing:

In between settling in, starting a new job, etc I've been getting beaten again and again by the locals. My High Elves tend to crumble bottom turn 6 swinging a comfortable win into a big loss. oh wells.

Bringing the hobby back:

The most exciting thing recently is that now I have a job (yay!) and got paid for the first time in 3 months, I've been able to get my hobby back. In fact I EVEN HAVE A PROJECT...putting together a Seaguard themed list for Cancon.

I've bought all the kits needed, and over Xmas started painting it all up.

Le Eagles:

Very Exciting - the LOTR eagles all painted up!

For as long as I've had a High Elf army my eagles have been IoB griffons with the riders all chopped off and green stuffed up. This has worked nicely as it has allowed me to use the IoB griffon rider as a noble mounted on an Eagle...or if I actually use an Griffon = I have an option when the rider dies first.

HOWEVER...with the current Seaguard theme = I will have 3 (yes 3) Skycutters who are pulled by eagles = will look silly if my "eagles" are actually griffons + since Cancon is a Swedish comp event there is a high chance someone will actually use a griffon = I dont want to cause confusion (WYSIWYG and all that).

Le Eagle Noble:

Not the greatest pic, but here we have Gwaihir in all his failcast glory with one of the skycutter crew crudely blue tac'ed on top (if someone can suggest a more effect option that makes transport and the like easier I'm all ears).

Inspiration was the Wood Elf noble on an eagle model for those in the know, but obviously more seaguard-like.

So that's me for the moment.

On the painting tray at the moment (dont have a table anymore) is the 3 skycutters, seahelm bsb, seahelm trident guy for the seahelm riding a black dragon boom!


  1. Those eagles are amazing - both the sculpts and your paintjob are remarkably lifelike. Amazing.

  2. Two 3mm x 1mm magnets will hold a scrawy elf in place.. Bloody blue tac.

    Nice work though mate. Love the pose of the eagle rider.