Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The High Elves-finally a painting update

As promised, here is a couple of pics of what my High Elves are looking like.

First up are the Swordmasters:

These are the lastest things I have painted-and the unit that relies on the red part of my colour scheme. The guy with the winged helmet is a conversion I stole of the internet. It is the upper body of the griffon rider, the legs of the IOB swordmaster standard bearer, the arms are from the chariot set, the hand is from the flagellant in the stocks, and the sword is the IOB swordmaster unit champ. The swords/horn/banner have blue flames licking them because this is the unit that I give the flaming banner (and therefore need flames that look magical).

Next up the chariots:

So two Tironic Chariots. I have dropped them from my standard list, however I very much see a role for them, especially when go down the MSU route (more on that in a later post).

The BSB:
Bit of a conversion. The banner and torso is from the noble kit, along with the lion fur coat (not really visable). The legs are from the chariot set (yes, I got myself a 3rd set of chariot crew from horde o bitz). and the sword arm is from the Phoenix Guard champ (who are still yet to be assembled because they are boring and I refuse to use life magic!).  Standing on a rock for a bit of height.

The Mages:

Yet to paint the magical swirl and the floating rocks. Still not decided which one is the "P addict" (lvl2 High magic with the crystal) and which one is the shady master (lvl4 shadow and scroll). Should possibly swap the equipment around, but I just like the nick names too much. I was scared these guys would look like Christmas decorations, but thankfully they didnt.

The White Lions:

These guys rock! I am also rather pleased how they came out (and just look different to the swordmasters, yet use the same colours). The bottom pic is the 40x40mm rank filler, The pic left foot is pinned and balances on the tree stump. Lots of fun with wire and green stuff making steps for project is a hand made dragon....

The Spearelves:

Didnt photograpgh as well as I hoped. These guys are not yet finished either. They still need a shield that will be red with gold pattern (the rock on hands holding half moon from sprue). The unit has been modelled to rank up as a phalanx with the spears all pointing forward in front 3 ranks, the progressing up. Looks really cool.

The RBT crew:

Another casualty of list tweaking (though I've heard good things about them vs Ogres). I posted these guys because they are exactly how the archers will end up looking. Due to the lack of armour they emphasis the green cloth over the red and cream/stone colour.

Still to come are the griffons (as eagles), the noble on an eagle, the archers, the reavors, the RBT's, the Dragon Princes, and eventually the Dragon. 

Also still thinking of how to do the bases autumn theme. I'll probably do the sand thing, then put autum leaves and grass on it.

Anywho, hope you like the pics. As usual comments are more than welcome.


  1. what about a tutorial....there's a distinct lack of tutorials on the web for HIGH CLASS high elf armies :)

    1. Wow comment on old post!

      Next time I paint up something High Elfie I'll try to remember to take some WIP pics. My High Elves would make for some good WIP pics cos they look really funny during the painting process.