Friday, 21 October 2011

The new BSB

Just thought I would share what my new BSB looks like. After years of on/off casual ebay/trademe hunting for the limited Ed. BSB that I believe came in the battleforce box when Woodies were last updated, I finally found one for $14US that had not even been undercoated (apparently the apparent "power level" of the army affects the price!).

As a side note, who are all these people who buy cool models, don't assemble/paint them/unpackage them...leave them lying around for years then decide to sell them?

A quick clean up, paint job in the current scheme and it looks like this:

The flames in the background are because my partner took the photo and loaded it onto her computer. I then jokingly requested flames in the background...

Nothing too exciting or "different". A Quick look through the High Elf army book and I found the symbol for revenge (which is a woodie kindred), so I thought that was appropriate given the lack of big lumbering trees in my new direction. I see my army as more an expeditionary force.

So what you all think? I could possibly tart up the banner a bit more, but not too good at the free hand, so as much as a want beautiful elven swirls etc, I'm not exactly able to do it myself!

As requested, here is the BSB minus flames of awesome.

Hope that is a bit better!

The rock he's standing on is dheneb stone, washed with the devlan mud, then highlighted with dheneb stone. The skin is foundation flesh, elf flesh highlights, then ogren flesh wash. The red is foundation red, washed black and kinda layered with blood red (dip normal brush in watered down colour, suedo dry brush-but more layering than flicking over for just highlights). Brown is scorched brown, then vermin brown, then devaln mud wash. Green is dark angels green, then goblin green, then goblin green/rotting flesh highlights. The symbol on the flag then has skull white mixed into do a final, final highlight. Metal is chainmail with black wash. Antlers are scorched brown, dheneb stone, ogren flesh wash, then dheneb stone again. Spite is white with blue wash. Feathers are (poorly done as usual) Scorched brown, then snakebite leather with white ends. Hair is Tausept ochre base with bleached bone mixed in to highlight.


  1. Looks pretty nice as it is, maybe a pick without the flames to better see the colours ;)

  2. Updated with extra pics for you :)

  3. He looks so epic with flames though... Hes more muted without..