Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Resurrecting the Woodies-the paint job

ZOMG! painting post.

I thought I would give an update of how the Woodie painting is coming along. A few months ago I had a post on repainting the Glade Guard. Looking back that was very productive time because it meant that the "core" of my army is up to date + gives me a new theme to work with.

So first thing I updated were the Waywatchers....the 2nd unit I painted (the first being Wardancers who need a rules update to justify a new paint job!). 12 are ready to go (sans bases-though that happens last!).

Here is what they look like:
Hopefully that looks ok.

SO as you can see I've continued the grey/green cloak with the red highlight....looking suitably killy.

Next up I got my first unit of 5 Wildriders updated. These guys were the 3rd thing I painted. (Note to EVERYONE OUT THERE: when someone starts the hobby there is a reason why Space Marines are the go to army-nobody cares if you butcher the paint job on them learning the tricks of the trade!)

So the same theme continued.
I painted the horses in 2 different ways. The brownie horses are Dwarf flesh with a Devlan Mud wash. Tail is Scorched Brown with Snake Bite Leather highlight.The white horses are Astronomican Grey, with Skull White dry brush. The tail was Astronomican Grey, Ogryn Flesh wash then Skull White highlight. I wanted them to look different to the horses I use for my Empire army, and I think I have achieved this.

So there we have it. Not bad for a weeks work. I got myself the OOP BSB from Ebay that I currently painting. 5 of the 5th Ed OOP Waywatchers are still on there way to be my scouts. Really looking forward to theme arriving. Now to sneak 2 more boxes of Glade Guard past the boss so I can complete my 2400 army.

I will however be taking Woodies to Vermintide III. I'll have a post closer to the event going over the list and my thoughts behind it. My High Elves are most likely also going to be getting a run onto the field at Vermintide III. My friend (who deserted the faithful for the heresy Warmachine...) will be running them. Hopefully the do really well as he is planning on being a little "unique" with his set up + it gives me an excuse to get the painting of some of it finished. Next painting post will be what they look like and my thoughts behind why I did what I did etc.


  1. Thanks.

    Re-doing an old paint job is not easy-especially when the old paint job was very, very bad due to lack of experience. I

    I've tried to keep the theme of my old paint job (kinda muddy colours that could be spring or autumn), but obviously update it in light of what I now know re: colours/techniques etc