Sunday, 4 December 2011

Vermintide III army pics and list

Next weekend is the last Wellington Event of 2011. It is a 1200pt one day even that in the past has been a whole lot of fun.

I figured it was time that my much talked about High Elves should get their first run at an event. I will be taking the following list:

Lvl1: Shadow, scroll (General)
BSB: GW, Armour of Caledor

19 Spears: M, SB
10 Archers: M

6 White Lions
6 White Lions
5 Swordmasters
5 Dragon Princes: M
Tironic Chariot
Tironic Chariot


So a bit of an MSU list. Figured that at this points level the High Elves either have the minimum legal drops and suck, or try and maximise frontage vs units by having lots of small very hitty units. Also having lots of units means that only having a lvl1 (2) for dispelling will not be much a problem.

Not sure how I'm going to do. I know I will struggle vs armies with lots of bodies to churn through (ie skaven), but vs most armies I have the drops, the speed, and the hittiness to smash my way through a few units.

I have also managed to get the army painted, based, and some movement trays done up. I was originally going to do the basing in an autumn theme. However Once I started doing the bases I thought a dry plain look would work. Suits my theme too as I went for Greek/Roman feel for the paint scheme. Enjoy!


  1. Army looks great. Good luck!

  2. These look awesome, I love the griffon being used as the eagle too. I think you've managed to pull off the look you wanted... and of course, good luck for the games! =)

  3. Thanks. The griffon conversion was really fun to do. Im so glad that the GW masterclass paint scheme for the feathers is really good at hiding possibly the worst Green Stuffing job in the world...ever haha.

  4. Dude, that list might just work in a 1200 pointer. I am stealing your griffon used as a Eagle conversion, top marks mate.
    I agree that msu maybe the way to go with HE lacking punch when out deployed. I always bring out the WE when I play smaller point tournies but with msu that you've opened up I may have to try out my HE.