Sunday, 11 December 2011

Vermintide results-won best painted army


SO just came back from Welly NZ's last tournament of 2011. A 1 day 5 game 1200 point event. I took the following list:

lvl1: (general) shadow, scroll
BSB: GW, Armour of Caledor
19 Spears: M, SB
10 Archers: M
2x6 wlions
5 Swordmasters
5 Dragon Princes: M
2 T.Chariots

Game 1: vs WoC Battleline.
This game was an intro game where the points were maxed at 15-5, which was a little annoying as I tabled my opponent turn 5. His list was a lvl1 with 3rd eye, Tznch BSB with stuff, enough Tz Board and sword Warriors to get core, 4 Dragon Ogres with GW and 5 Tznch Knights with FC.
My Swordmasters struck early with a successful suicide strike on the General, giving me freedom to cast miasma. My Dragon princes were solid gold breaking and running down the dragon ogres on the charge (had suffered a few wounds from the archers). Game ended with a picture perfect combo charge on the warrior unit when I got 2 chariots (4 impact hits in total...) 1 unit of whitelions and the spears into the front and chopped the unit up good (thanks miasma) for a run down by the chariots, followed next turn by a whitelion sandwich with Chaos knights as the filling,
A good first game of the day.

Game 2: vs Delves random deployment
So finding myself at the top of the table I came up against the list that would take out the event...and my army rather comprehensively. He had: lvl4 (shadow) scroll, pendant pegman, 20 spears, 2x10 xbows, 2x5 harpies, 8 shades, hydra. Basically you can guess what happened. I decided that the only way to win would be to get to combat fast...only 1 unit made it through the fire (unit of 6 wlions) who chomped up a unit of xbows. I also killed the harpies for the loss of everything. So a nice 0-20 to put me back down the table. Not so happy I was tabled, but my only other option was to play a very boring defensive game (proving once again I am not a ruthless tournament player...maybe if I was not up against one of my usual gaming buddies haha).

Game 3: diagonal deployment vs Dwarfs
So back down the table and I draw a dwarf gunline....not looking good. He had: runesmith with 2+ and GW, 2x25 warriors, 10 quarrellers, a dragonslayer (with i5!), 2 cannons (1 flame) organ gun. My game plan was to rush the quarrellers and clear out the artillery while avoiding the warrior blocks (1 unit had GW). As it transpired I got to the quarrellers and beat them down to the loss of my Dprinces (counter charged my dragon slayer while I was s3...). My archers sat outside the organ gun range and slowly killed it off over the 6 turns...takes a while to roll 3 6’s to wound! His hw/sh warriors came out to play and I diverted them with the eagle and got their flank with the spears. After a thorough thrashing the dwarfs + runesmith managed to flee from my sluggish spears who then wore 8 dead from the organ gun before charging the front of the warriors to clean up (eagle in the flank). Win combat by heaps, but 1 frustrating kill short of breaking steadfast means those points were not taken. We draw the game with a 5 VP swing in his favour. If my lvl1 didnt explode turn 4 I would have squeaked out a minor victory. Oh Well

Game 4: Watchtower vs Dwarfs.
As this draw went up I queried with the TO whether there was a tournament rule about not having to play dwarfs 2 games in a row...seems that there wasn’t (note to self-if I'm ever a TO-that will be a rule). I got the watch tower and decided not to garrison it with a grudge thrower, flaming cannon and organ gun + 2x12 quarrellers all lined up to destroy whatever was in  it + 2 units of 20 hw/sh warriors to occupy it. With that in mind I used the same tactics as last game. Conveniently the 2 quarreller units were on the same flank (and not on same flank as organ gun) so I rushed them.  I basically drew a 24inch diameter on the table around the organ gun and stayed out of range. My Dprinces  took a grudge thrower to the face, losing 2 = I could slip the gap and do a bit of fast calv action. The Dprinces cleaned out the cannon, the 2+ as GW runesmith “anvil”, and then hit the grudge thrower (the organ gun exploded). They got flanked by the 2nd unit of quarrellers who then got flanked by 2 whitelions-the game ending end of turn 5 with the 2nd whitelion unit posed for a rear charge to clean up. My spears hungry for dwarf blood successfully broke and caught the warrior unit that was not in the watchtower. Swordmasters survived and didn’t see combat. I was saved by a poor 1st round shooting from the dwarfs meaning my 2 chariots a eagle had a 2nd turn to be big distractions. I won 13-7, having gifted my opponent 400vps for the tower.

Game 5: blood and glory vs Goblins
So last game of the event and I draw a gobbo list that was rocking: dude on giant squig with 5 squig hoppers, BSB on giant spider with 5 trolls, 2 fighty dudes on wolves in unit of 14 wolves, unit of 5 wolves, unit of 5 spider riders, pumpwagon, 2 gobbo chariots, mangler. So lots of stuff that will wipe my small units off the board. To win mission I had to take out the wolf bus as had banner + general. Things went well for me to start with. Whole game can be summed up as “grrrr failed pursuit roles”. I use my chariots as bait (1 taking out the pumpwagon in the process). My swordmasters wear the wolf bus to the front-they fail fear test and I hold (having killed a fair few wolves and wounded general). My Spears then get the flank and destroy the unit, it flees and I miss by 1 inch grrrrrrrr. His squig hoppers then decide my spears flank would be a good place to attack = game over for me. His giant squig guy killed my BSB in a challenge and then the rest of the unit. I managed to get a chariot to flee off the board, kill the squig hoppers (a bit too late though), mangler got eagled, and get the small wolves to flee off board. Rest of his army sat back threatening to flee any charge and sitting on edge of my charge range (and any failed charge by me would have cost me the unit). So with extra VP’s available to make up for 1st game I lost 16-9. Could have swung the other way very easily had I caught the wolves/my swordmasters managed 1 more wound on the general.

Results were rather good for me. My army won best painted (woot!), and I came 7th which was good, but I was aiming for top 5, so just missed out. My empire army came 2nd, which was also a fantastic result. On the "butcher award" I took the 3rd most VP's from my opponents-1st and 2nd going to the armies that placed 1st and 2nd. That I think is a good indication of aggressiveness of the list.

I like the list. Not enough to expand it to 2400, but enough to have a bit of respect for MSU. I chanced 3 games vs gunlines and came out alright considering...the BSB was the best investment I made! I’m still not sold on chariots. They did a fantastic job of distracting cannons and the like, but when they actually got a charge off (3 times) they did a combine total of 8 impact hits... Eagles could have done their job better and cheaper (and they too have “cannon magnet” tattooed on them).

I think I now have a handle on using smaller units of hit impact stuff. My 2400 list has the eagle prince and 2x7 swordmasters-so it will be fun to put into practice the things I have learnt over the weekend. I’m still not prepared to drop the whitelion horde or the banner of sorcery, but that current format is definitely something that could be up for review for a more mobile approach. For instance dropping the banner of sorcery could give me 2  units of 14 whitelions, which would be cool, but still not sold on whether it would have the same bite + would be vulnerable to magic missiles/shooting in a way the horde is not (but less vulnerable to dwellers etc).

Now to finish basing and painting the 2400 list so I can show it off and get some big wins on the table...WoC armies I'm looking at you! Though I still have to figure a way to deal with Delf shooting armies other than putting my woodies on the board.


  1. Great read, thanks. And congrats on the results ;)

  2. Good write up & congrats on the painting award, it was well deserved!

    I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to play each other again so you could carve up my rats (again) but hey I was very happy to avoid both Dwarf players :)

  3. haha yeah well someone had to take on both dwarf armies. Yeah pity we didnt get a chance to face off against each other. I have a dragon list that I've been toying araound with, so maybe we could have an epic rematch soon.

  4. Sounds good,I still need a lot of practise with my rats, both on the list & using them effectively.

  5. Looks like a fun list, congrats on the result.
    What do you think about the format? Would you recommend it? Are there changes or limits needed on army composition to keep certain things from dominating at that points level?

  6. I like the smaller points games for fast 1 day tournaments. I certainly recommend Vermintide to people who are not "usual" tournament players as the points lvl means that using what you have usually means bringing a working army anyway.

    The 2 things I would cap is lvl3/4 caster and possibly have a limit on the number of shots/turn (eg 35 shots/turn). At this level having a lvl4 is basically game over for your opponent if they dont have one and a gunline will wipe your army off the board... as the Delf gunline most aptly demostrated!

    Im not usually a fan of restrictive comp, but I think these 2 things need to be fine tuned for smaller point games-especially when the focus is on fun and getting new people into the scene. OR alternatively go the otherway and have no restrictions at all to balance the unintended bias and let the n00bs bring their toys for a bit of fun...

    The "please tell me how many tournaments you have been to" thing was a great idea to allow unfair match ups round 1 to allow for the rest of the day to be vs your experience level (or there abouts). If go for no comp it could also be a way of excercising TO veto to weed out abuse (ie BAD JOEL NO SKULLTAKER DOC LIST FOR YOU, but sure new person bring that cool idea etc).