Friday, 10 August 2012

Call to Arms 2012 The Dragon Lion Roars!


So the deadline for list submission has passed, and since I'm having a crazy Friday night watching Stargate (all the motivation needed to start a TombKings army...) I figured I would post my list and some sweet pics of it.

So my list:

Prince: Moon Dragon, GW, Armour of Caledor, Vambraces of Defence, Other Trickster's Shard
lvl2: High Magic, Scroll
BSB: Dragon Armour, GW

10 Archers: Musician
10 Archers: Musician
38 Spears: Full Command-flame banner

26 Whitelions: Full Command-Amulet of Light
26 Whitelions: Full Command


So a rather unsubtle list full of fun and a wee bit anti meta. I'm in no position to be pushing for a place at Masters, so I figured I would get my fun on and run a *shock* dragon at a tournment.

Naked BSB is a little bit of a concern, but I'm not too fussed as his job is not really to kill stuff in combat.

The games I have had with the list have been really fun, and are usually determined by whether my Whitelion blocks can kill enough to make back their points. The dragon is an amazing support unit for the Whitelions and the spear "hammer".

Anywho the pics!

Prince for when the Dragon dies converted out of IOB swordmaster standard bearer and champ, IOB griffon rider and chariot rider arms, BSB converted out of chariot rider legs, prince kit and Phoenix Guard champ, IOB mage with no conversions as it is a fantastic model.

Flaming spears with Freehand banner

The token archer "core tax"

My Eagles converted from IOB Griffonsb (bad Greenstuffing hidden by paint job!)

The most bad-ass Dragon there ever was!

Whitelion unit number 1

Whitelion unit number 2 with rank filler and converted banner bearer. My goal for the week coming is to finish the banner with a design and glue it in place (currently sitting on a pin!)

So yeah, that's my army-all painted (except for 2nd banner), all based, and magnetised and ready to go! I started the High Elves as a hobby project, so I'm more excited by painting them then I am with using them on the table-not helped by their fustrating limitations despite pwning in combat! In saying that I have come to enjoy using them over the last year and I am aiming for a top 1/2 placing and hopefully being the best placed High Elf player at Call to Arms...

If I wasnt so determined to take the dragon (cos it's cool!) I would have put the Prince on an eagle and used the spare points to kit up the BSB with reavor bow and added 2 RBT's for some ranged goodness or some chariots/dragon princes. Possibly the more "sensible" option, but meh-I'll leave that sort of list to another day.

Looking forward to a weekend of Warhammer and all the goodness that entails.


  1. Looking good mate, really looks like a themed cohesive army, well done. Looking foreward to a catch-up with everyone.

  2. Army is looking nice, hope CTA goes well for you.