Sunday, 12 August 2012

Hot off the Painting Table!

Hi All,

I don't usually do up to the minute painting updates, but my Empire army FINALLY has a mounted general to lead them valantly into battle.

Meet Larry the Lector:

As you can see, Larry is sporting all the "must have" fashion items in the Warhammer world this season.

There is the Runefang sword if Larry decides to be a GTM that also doubles as a Sword of Anti Heroes if the occasion demands it
He can be seen wearing a crown if he feels particularly stubborn, but also kinda looks like there is a dragon on it if he opts for some Elven inspired heargear.
His shield is rather "charmed" or "enchanted" one could say
Note the White Cloak he has drapped around his shoulders

Larry is borrowing the BSB Barry's horse, but his will look exactly the same. They will stand out with their entourage of choice the Blazing Suns Inner Circle Knights.

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  1. As I read that in my head I could hear your voice like you were presenting a fashion show. Kind of strange, yet amusing. Nice to see Larry all painted up, ready to take on all the nasty characters of the Warhammer world. Or just kill like half a dozen zombies.