Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Orks and 6th ed.

Hi All,

So I usually dont post about 40k, but I've been having a few games vs Ryan's bikermarines lead by captain douchenozzle (who is less douchey now that he dropped the powerfist) and I've actually been enjoying 40k.

Weird I know. The purist inside me hates that I've been listhammering at work and thinking up sneaky things I can do with orks.

Anywho. My listhammer and in game experience has resulted in the following list:

Bikerboss: Pklaw, attack squig, cybork body
Mega armour Mek

15 lootas

5 Nobbikers with cybork bodies
waagh banner/big choppa
3 pklaws
2x20 shoota boyz: nob with Pklaw/'eavy armour, 2 big shootas
10 grotz

3x1 deffcopta with t/linked bigshoota and buzz saw

Battlewagon: Deffrolla, Kannon, 4 bigshootas (complete with all gunz on central turret with 360 degree LOS)


So for the unaware this list has a rather obvious tactic. 15 lootas + megamek ride in battlewagon. Megamek gives the lootas "slow and purposeful" = battlewagon can move 6 and the lootas can still shoot normally. Megamek can not shoot his t/linked shoota and on a 4+ repair a hull point.

There are other things the list does. Megamek becomes a tarpit due to 2+ armoursave so is really useful when battlewagon is threatened. Being opentopped he can pop out and charge threats.

The Nob bikerz and warboss are the super wing of the list. They ride shotgun with the battlewagon clearing things out. Deffcoptas have a similar role, but spend more time hunting tanks.

The rest of the troop selection is purely "tax".  vs some things 2x20 shootaboyz is really useful...vs other things they are there to be a huge distraction. Grotz are the secret weapon. bs4 means they can sneak up and do nothing...

I have a love/hate relationship with orks this edition. Snap fire and overwatch are awesome...but orks so rarely hit I find myself celebrating any hits. Hence why trying to maximise effective shooting. deffcoptas and nobbikers t/linked shooting is the most effective shooting I have....everything else is just noise...well the lootas hurt when they hit. I find that I play by picking off the things I can and ignore/hide from everything else. Not very orky I know, but it seems to work.

There are some sneaky things the orks can do now though. The slow and purposeful lootas above, but also (until FAQ'ed) bomb squiqs hit "vehicles" on a 2+ = hit flyers on a 2+...I guess they are just really good at throwing them in the air at the right time! I havnt put tankbustas in my list because I want to only use models I already have, but they would be an auto include if writing list from scratch.

Anywho enough musing. Other than getting a bikerboss (currently using attack bike as proxy)I am very close to having the list all painted (and then to think up a decent basing scheme for them!) So I hope to get good enough to go to some events next year. My biker boss will most likely be a converted trukk to make it obviously different (+ real warbosses dont shoot their own gunz-they get someone else to do that for them!)

I hope to have some pics up soon of the army.


  1. Sneaky sneaky orks. I wouldn't worry too much about the shooter boys. They've only faced the bikes and it's a bad match up for them as they can play the shooty game better until the green part are weakened and then charge better. Against most other armies it won't be such an issue. Maybe I should roll up the Tau next time for a laugh.

    Been working on my spirit hosts tonight, going to try something fancy may backfire may not heh.

  2. Needs Moar Grotz and gernades.

  3. Yeah I suppose so. Grotz are my secret weapon. Grenades dont really give my orks any bonuses-usually striking last anyway + chucking one before combat is hazardous due to bs2 scatter!