Thursday, 13 September 2012

Gaming this weekend

Hi all,

So got a great day of gaming all lined up for Saturday. I will be travelling up to Levin for a show down with the locals-teach them how it's done!

I'm hoping to get in 3 games (2 WHFB, 1 40k). I will be trailing the lists below:


Alector:            222
     Bsteed, HA, sh, Dhelm, SOAHeroes, 4++, pofool
lvl4:                 200
BSB:                149
     Bsteed, FPA, sh, COC, warriorbane
Captasus:            141
     FPA, ch.shield, DBGem, Somight
Engineer: LA            66
lvl1: light, scroll            90

13 ICKS: FC-Sodiscipline    370
5 Knights: m            120
10 archers            70
5 archer detach            35
5 archer detach            35

2 cannons            240
5 Dgriffs            290

Stank                250
Hellblaster            120


SO basically my "normal" list but I've stolen Hoodling's idea and have 1 big unit of 5 Demigriffs. I figured this benefits me in a few ways. 1) harder to get points out of, and 2) makes magic buffs/hexes more powerful. It will however force me to play a more defensive game as only have 3 things that can engage, 2 chaff, and 2 redirectors/chaff hunters.

In the magic department I have the lvl1 with a supporting magic missile that I can amp to s6 and is flaming (bye bye vargulfs, trolls and Abombs!) and the lvl4 has plenty of threat spells-most importantly searing doom and final transmute. Hopefully with this I can draw out scrolls early! As I've said before my Empire lists dont really benefit from lvl4 with lore of light because the buffs are too short range.


bikerboss:                150
    Pklaw, Cybody, Attack squig
Megamek                 75

15 Lootas                225

5 NobBikers: Cybodies            370
3 Pklaws,   
20 shoota boyz                160
    Pk/HA Nob, 2 Bshootas
20 Shoota boyz                160
    PK/HA nob, 2 Bshootas
10 Grotz                40

buzzcopta                60
buzzcopta                60
buzzcopta                60

Battlewagon                140
    Deff-rolla, Kannon, 4 Bshootas


If someone wants to play 1750pts instead I might bring up another battlewagon to be my "boomgun looted vehicle" and 10 burna boyz (dropping a 5pt thing to fit them in) for lolz

SO no surprises here either.  Buzzsaw deffcoptas gives me more t/linked dakka (volume of fire is important with orks!) and a better anti tank threat than rokkits that may or may not hit. Basically s7 vs rear armour with 3 attacks hitting on 3's, or 1 t/linked attack hitting on 5's s8 that may be vs better armour. However, in saying that, they are prime contenders for being dropped for a dakka jet (hopefully only drop 2 and some of the surplus equipment lying around-big shootas Im looking at you!)

I'm still a little tender from the FAQ, but hopefully my Orks can still dakka and crump with the best of them.

I promise to take HEAPS of pics and take notes for EPIC BATTLE REPORTS (with shirts on-not really into this 'nudity hammer' thing going around :P).

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