Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Cleansing...

The cleansing...Imperial vs Xenos

Alrighty-the team game from Glenfest.

3 on 3 1500 pts each. For the Imperials there were:

50 shades of Greyknights:
 Blob of 10 terminators
2 units of 5 dudes in razorback
2 dreadknights
autocannon dreadnaught
All kitted out with the usual toys

Bounce Angels:
Dante with 5 sanguiny guard 3 inferno pistols
10 bolter death company
deathcompany dread
10 assault marines with Landraider
Storm raven

"dont roll a 1" marines:
3 Bike squads with attack bike
2x2 typhoons
2 vindicators
little flying thing

For the mighty Xenos there were:

The army that glen used vs me

My army

2 command barges
3 flying crescent moons with a couple of squads of guys
2 little skimmer guns things
the huge big long gun barge
(sorry not more precise I have no idea what any of this called)

The mission was basic. 1 VP for killing a general (3 per side) 5 objectives on board-the 5th in the middle of the board was a relic worth extra VPS.

We deployed and the Xenos got the first turn. I wont give a turn by turn run down because I was not aware of everything that happened!

But basically the vindicators went BOOM! and exploded. the Necron guns are amazing.  The wraithguard and terminators had an awkwards stare off for most of the game-the wraithguard sneaking forward just enough to hold the centre objective.

Dreadknights vs nobbikers = dead nobbikers. ap4 s5 flamer is not every nice. However, Dreadknights (and assault marines) do not like being charged by ork boyz.

The most exciting part of the battlefield was deep in the Xenos territory where the necron gunships, the warwalkers and the battlewagon were lurking. All got destroyed. Then the storm raven turned up, dropped of a death company dread that got blown up by loota overwatch, and then the storm raven got shot down...all within 12 inches of each other. Carnage!

The flanks were a bit of a  peripheral affair. Necron troops and eldar jet bike guarded the Xenos left objective and the mighty grots the right. Dante and the ladz dropped in to take the necron objective (failed-but got mighty close) and a razorback decided to take on the grotz...who then were supported by 3 necron flyers beaming troops onto the battle.  If the game had lasted another turn the grots would have died to some bikermarines that had snuck through the gap created by a dreadknight.

Eventually the tide of battle went the way of the xenos. The ork boyz successfully assaulted one of the Imperial objectives (with a wee bit of support from 2 command barges) and the terminators FINALLY died to weight of fire. I've never seen so many successful 2+ as!

So a victory to the Xenos (naturally).

The ork kill tally:
dread knight and the assault marines (ork boyz)
death company dread (lootas)
2 typhoons (buzzcoptas)

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  1. As representative of the "don't roll a 1" marines I'd like to point out my captain killing himself with a combi-plasma overheat was a particularly fantastic end to the game for me. No prizes for guessing what he rolled twice in a row on his final wound before charging to break the necrons.
    I like the nicknames for the Imperial teams, too cool to nickname the Xenos side there?
    Fun game all around will have to do it again sometime.