Sunday, 23 September 2012

The Empire's new Clothes

Hi all,

So I've finally got the Empire army all ready for tournaments, so I figured I'd show it off.


Group shot of the 1+/2+ armour save brigade.

Stanky Stank

5 Standard knights with a musician. My 1+ as diverters and road block. Also handy for rushing a flank etc.

13 Inner Circle Knights with Full Command, Standard of Discipline with BSB and Archlector in tow. I've done them on 3 connecting movement trays to make them easier to move around and also so I don't be such as "slave to the movement tray" and take advantage of swift reform + Crown of Command goodness.

The "K'daai Destroyer". My Pegasus mounted Captain with charmed shield, Lance of Might and the dragonbane gem. I've got him on an ogre base which I have been able to get away with (ie what peg knights have), but for competitive play I will bluetac 2 calv bases underneath to give him the 50mmx50mm base which I believe the GW Pegasus for the Empire comes with.

The Demigriffs. I was toying with 2 units of 3, but I found that as soon as 1 died, they were useless . Also having 2 units encouraged me to be very, very aggressive with the army when my experience with Empire has shown that a more conservative approach can sometimes be more fruitful. A big unit of 5 means I can hold them back and smash into key units with plenty of grind potential. Also give me somewhere to hide the captasus.


10 Archers with 2x5 archer detachment. No nasty surprises here. 10 to be a mage bunker, and 2x5 to go catch manglers/redirect stuff etc. 


Ignore the bases on the crew-finishing them tonight while watching Stargate. 2 Cannons and a Hellblaster with an Engineer to keep things interesting.


Group shot of the characters.
(from left to right ignoring Captasus who was mentioned above)

BSB has the Crown of Command and Warriorbane for magic attacks
lvl1 Light mage with scroll. Magic missile ftw!
lvl4 Metal mage. A few buffs and hexes, Final Transmutation, and an answer to armour + all but  guarantees me victory in a mirror match.
Engineer...wearing light armour because it COULD save his life + the Marco Columbo model has armour on.
Arch Lector (general) with Dragonhelm, Sword of Antiheroes, 4+ ward, and potion of foolishness.

So that's the army. Hope you like it. TBH I'm not a fan of the basing, but I've kept it like that because to change it would mean re-basing 150ish state troopers, 60 flagellants, 30 Great Swords etc so for the sake of my sanity I will learn to live with it!

The paint scheme is consistant with my original Empire paint scheme (purple and white that very quickly evolved to black and purple!), but being more knight heavy with the new book I've evolved it to be more like the Blazing Suns, just swapping the yellow for purple. 

Now to get in a few test games and get some battle reports prepared.


  1. The original Empire Captain on a pegasus was on a 40x40. Your fine even with competive play

    1. Sweet. Now to print your comment out as my FAQ haha

      Also-there is an Empire Captain on a Pegasus model that isn't just a kit-bash???? MUST SEE (and if cool) MUST HAVE


      Is the model ... Don't think its that great
      Must have rider available somewhere... Though my dad stole the pegasus

  2. Hey bro, these have come up really, really nice, great looking cohesive army.
    Are you running them at Skitterleap?
    Also what are you running at Vermintide? I am thinking MSU Orcs!!

    1. Hey, thanks.

      I can neither confirm or deny this list for Skitterleap...

      For Vermintide (I better register-thanks for reminding me!) I was tempted to run the MSU highelves agaian, but they have some very bad match ups. Will still probably run High Elves but a more traditional approach with what I hope will be a gaming chaning twist.

      MSU OnG sounds really better be bringing at least 1 unit of boarboyz, the aranarok for rare, giant spider mounted gobbo hero and some squig hoppery goodness.

  3. 100% Boar boyz.....2 units. Unfortunately I have none of the other models available :(

  4. Nice looking dudes there. Trying to catch up with my dead friends now. Got some paint on my varghulfs, and 20 more of your favourite zombies built. Preparing for skitterleap yeah?

  5. Very nice looking models there mate. I think it's a solid list too.

    If you are taking a similar list to Skitterleap, I will go ahead and apologise now in case we get drawn against each other.

    The list I will be bringing isn't that rough but it would be pure filth against this. It's not intentional, my list was set a while back by what I can get ready in time. You might well still win as you use your army a lot better than I do but I think it would be a rough match up just on the lists.

  6. That's a very good looking army Joel.

  7. How come you don't sand and flock the movement trays?

    1. because the way I based the models was EXACTLY how I originally based my Empire army before I learnt how to base "properly". Ie I painted the base beastial brown, the glued the stones and flock onto it (and glued the stone + purple flower stuff on) instead of sanding the base, painting it and then flocking over top-as I now do. I was tempted to do the bases "properly", but didnt want to have to go back and re-do my entire Empire army if I ever decide to bring back some infantry.

      Basically the way I did it/used to do it means that the stones can be a little loose as no paint holding them down = if on movement trays I get stones EVERYWHERE.

      My old Empire movement trays (ie the infantry ones) are just painted brown because I gave the model bases a brown rim. This looks ugly.

      By just having black movement trays they act as a frame for the unit and sit nicely with having black rims on my bases (which in itself nicely frames the model).

      But if you have any ideas as to how I could do up the movement trays consistant with the bases I'd be more than happy to try it.