Monday, 17 December 2012

The Hub Campaign and Painting update-new Empire BSB

Hi All,

So not this weekend just been, but the one before I had a fantastic nerd-tastic time up in Levin at Glen's. He has put together a really fun 40k campaign and on the Saturday was the first round of games to determine the story path.

My list was as per last post...however one thing I didnt take into consideration when writing the list was deployment.

All three games I deployed something like this:
That's 30 boyz and the warboss on the board with rokkitcopta outflanking and the "yoofs" in reserve (in later games I squeezed the deffcopta in as well and used its scout move to get up the board).

In comparison my opponent deployment tended to look something like this:


The games were simple 6 turn events with 2 objectives worth 2 VPs + VPs for first blood, general, and line breaker. Needless to say the games were very easy to draw (vs marines). We tended to hold our objective (game 1 I was 2 guardsmen short of shooting them off the objective and Conan was a "oh wait-cultist champs are ldship 8" successful breaktest away from taking me off mine), I tended to get first blood (thankyou warboss) and they tended to get general (no thanks warboss). However 30 boyz+ rokkitcopta = heaps and heaps of shooting that served me well-wiping out a combat sqaud in a single round of dakka is a very, very satisfying thing for us Ork is dropping 3 terminators with shootas.

Game 3 was a bit army vs Drago (who got scoring unit as his trait), a dreadknight (scoring thanks to Drago), and 10 Guardsmen with auto cannon and grenade launcher. I can comfortably say I was politely tabled by a dreadknight...who was on 1 wound costing me first blood before I was wiped out grrrrr

Anywho-the Badguys (Orks included here due to my Nurgle Cultist "yoofs") won the day (thank you Genestealer cult). Personally, my Orks are there to cause mayhem and spread the Waaagh! not pick sides in the struggle of "not Ork" vs "not Ork", so hopefully Glen can write that into the campaign somehow....

Can't wait for round 2.


So on the painting front I have finished off another 12 High Elf archers (no pic as they look exactly like my other ones) and have moved the 5 plastic dragon princes to the painting tray...I have also assembled and sand based another 5 Reavors to grow my High Elf Cav. However I keep getting this feeling that I really should finish painting my Orks.

 I have also officially gotten annoyed enough with my old metal BSB to do something about it:

So meet Barry the BSB part 2. Straight from the plastic Gold Swords sprue, epic feather and free-hand comet + usual paint scheme (with a little bit more care taken on the beard-3 drybrushed coats) = sorted. I have yet to finish the basing, but it will be exactly like all my other Empire stuff. I decided not to kit bash it because the Gold Sword standard bearer looks cool enough and if I EVER wanted to field greatswords (fluffycon?) I have the metal standard bearer to do me right.

So that's all from me for now. Next post should be a battle report of my Empire getting stomped by Will's "no skills net listz FTW" Ogres (that counts as trash talk).

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  1. That is one serious feather. I liked the freehand work. I had a game against Mikes Lizards tonight, it was going well until my knights decided to give up at all 8 die in one round versus heavily depleted saurus. Almost trapped the ethereal slann but he smoked and mirrored away to a safer flank.