Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Princes are in Town

Hi All,

A quick painting update.

My summer goal is to get my Dragon Princes painted and the new War Alter (+ the odd high elf archer/RBT/spearelf/mounted BSB and Prince).

First up I have the minimum tabletop requirement of 5 Dragon Princes with Musician.

Stuck to the usual High Elf paint scheme. I've got 5 more to paint (Santa gifted me a GW voucher) with 1 done up as a Standard and one as a unit champ.

War alter is on the table, painting in progress, so pics should be up early in the new year.

On the gaming front I had a game last night vs Ryan's vamps.  My list:

lvl4: high, ring of fury, scroll (shield, curse of arrow, stubborn, flames, drain magic)
Prince: GW, Armour of Caledor, Seafarer Bow, Talisman of Loec
BSB: Barded Steed, GW, Heavy armour, Dragonhelm, luckstone
10 Archers: M
25 Spears: M, SB
25 Spears: M, SB-gleaming pendant
15 Whitelions: FC-Banner of Sorcery, Iron curse (to prove I wasnt tailoring!)
5 Dragon Princes: M
4 Eagles
4 RBT's

So yeah-5 bolts/turn. And man were they effective. Turn 1 = 7 out of 13 Black Knights skewered with only 4 able to shoot (diagional deploy -1 in reserve), and 1 missing (curse of arrow was dispelled). Sneaky eagle schenanigans = Whitelions with Prince flank the remaining "bus" and crumble Vamp lord and supporting vamp turn 3. RBT's then wipe out 38 Ghouls (with help from flames of phoenix and an ill-fated spears sandwich), and strip a zombie unit down to 4. Very exciting game, and looking forward to see how this incarnation of the Highelves plays out.


  1. DP look great what colour are you using on the armour?

    1. Thanks.

      Armour plates are Dheneb stone, green wash, then dheneb stone.

      The bronzy silver stuff is Runefang steel with an ogryn flesh wash

      The gold-silver parts are Runefang steel with "Lavado" wash from the Vallejo range. I find that the new GW sepia wash doesnt sit on flat surfaces as well as the old one did :(