Thursday, 6 December 2012

When the cat's away, the nerds will play

Hi all,

So the other half's work Christmas do is a weekend away in the Malborough Sounds meaning I get to Warhammer it up Friday night, all Saturday, and most of Sunday...epic. Last year I just sat at home painting warhammer watching American Dad. This year will be sooo much better.


Conan and Ryan are coming around for epic night of Warhammer assembling (Conan) and small skirmish 40k games (all of us...once Conan has assembled his stuff :P). I have my Bolt Thrower CD all ready to pump through the sound system NICE.


Conan and I drive up to Levin to visit Glen. Glen has written a very cool 40k campaign (the sort of 40k I like...small, fun, fluffy). The story can be found here.

My army:

In the depths of the Hub a community of orks has been growing from some spores that were accidently smuggled there by a a sushi chef. These "yoofs" are starting to shed their teef and become "da ladz" and the next generation is coming through. Meanwhile a Missionary warboss and his trusty copta buddy have found themselves on the planet having hijacked a transport ship. Working their way (read "speeding dangerously") through the lower levels causing havoc (humans are less tolerant of evangelical Gork followers than the average ork) they chanced across "da green gang" who became disciples of Gork and seek to spread the Waaagh whereever they go...once they figure out how to get out of the Hive.

Warboss: Warbike, Pklaw, Attack Squig, Cybork body 150

30 Shoota Boys: Nob-Pklaw, 'eavy armour, Bosspole,big shoota 230
10 Nurgle cultists "yoofs": flamer 75

RokkitCopta 45


Basically you had to take 1 squad of Cultists, or Guardsmen. Orks are more "bad guys" so cultists as yoofs works for me...good thing nurgle makes things green and t4! They count as battle brothers and will be represented by the BFBR slugga boyz with a burna boy filling in as the flamer model.

I'm not expecting to win anything given that my fluffy tactic is to run at stuff and hopefully cut it to pieces with volume of attacks (and loud noises shooting). That said, 30 shoota boyz and a warboss running at you is a scary prospect...

That night will be some epic D&D.


 Sam and James arrive for the official NZTC practice event...or playing games as it is also known. I'll be running my "post masters" list:

Alector: GW, AOMI, 4++            200
lvl4: light, scroll            225

BSB: FPA, Ench. sh, wbane        101
lvl1: fire, rubyring            90
engineer                65

48 Halberds: FC                318
5 archer detach                35
5 archer detach                35
10 archers                70
10 ICKS: FC-Gleaming Pendant        285

4 Demigriffs: M                242
4 Demigriffs: M                242
cannon                    120
cannon                    120

Hurricanum                130
Hellblaster                120


Basically everything that worked for me at Vermintide + lore of light to give me combat advantage (EMPIRE NEED), the ever-so-felt-the-absence-of Hellblaster + engineer and some flanking knights, because it wouldnt be Empire without some knights.
Unlike my Masters list I can afford to sit back a bit with this one and wear down key units, board control, then pounce. Also my chaff can deploy IN FRONT of my army as its parent unit wants to be up front, not at the back.

Also waaaaaaaay more fluffy-got the Halberds back. Best case scenerio for them is 38 s4 hatred ws10/i10 hitting on 2's with re-roll to wound with opponent -1 to hit vs a 5++ AHHHHH sweet, sweet Empire love.

Anywho, I'm sure I will have plenty of stories to tell.

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