Tuesday, 1 January 2013

18 Inch ldship and re-rolling Demigryphs...

Painting update: Waralter.

Sticking closely to the Empire paint scheme. The Griffon and his base are not glued in for easy transport. I can't wait to try out the new and nerfed War Alter...though the 6 inch prayer and hatred bubble are going to make things interesting along with s5 Banishment...


  1. Nice work mate. Keen to see that across the table sometime.

  2. Nice dude. I am torn. I really want to paint one of these new Empire kits (these or the mage war machines) but not sure I'd ever use it.

    How was it nerfed? I've held off buying the hardback rules for now.

    1. It is now more expensive, doesnt have MR, doesnt give 4+ ward to Arch Lector, is stubborn not unbreakable, and only has banishment.

      However means all your prayers and hatred have a 6 inch bubble radius.

      I think it is now fanastic and more interesting than it used to be. I used it to great effect at Homecon along with the Hurricanum.

      I thoroughly recommend them both.

    2. Yikes. That's a massive difference though!

      Hmmm I do have a voucher that needs using!

    3. Yeah it iis a big difference...however it was broken before-overpowered, underpriced, and the obvious choice.

      At least now it is still a good choice (you can kit out the Lector and still fit a lvl4), not the "only" choice.