Saturday, 5 January 2013

Plastic Eagles...

So very exciting (if not some what expected), the next wave of Hobbit stuff is coming out including...

Great Eagles

This is looking like the release of the Hobbit that was actually going to sell-thank you WHFB having a lack of plastic eagles and 2 armies that use them. The release also includes some riderless Fell Wargs that will make some cool wolf replacements for the armies out there that use them (Vamps, WoC, fancy Goblin conversion etc), however I think the 'wolf' model is something GW have plenty of for the Hobbit ones to be rather overlooked by people wanting an alternative model.

Painting update: I ran out of black spray so have spent the last couple of days playing Civ 5, Deus Ex, and painting up my 40K Orks-I'll put up some pics soonish.

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