Friday, 25 January 2013

Swedish Comp and my Armies

Hi all,

So as a lazy Saturday morning exercise I thought I would procrastinate and attempt to apply the latest internetz crazy to my armies...yes, I am talking about SWEDISH COMP.

Im not sure what they call it in Sweden, but it has been described as "...a 'different' comp system. It might look a little confusing at first, but it is really quite simple." by Draeth on the forum back in October last year.

If you want to waste a couple of hours realising just how "simple" it really is, you can find it here. (link in first post).

Note: Im only listing the relevant stuff!

EMPIRE: (Homecon 3 list)

Arch Lector on waralter (-10 for arch, -12 for waralter and -2 for 1 light wizard)
lvl4 light with scroll (-18 for wizard, -8 for lvl4, -5 for light)
BSB on foot (-3 for captain, -10 for BSB)
Engineer (1 warmachine point, 2 WMP for hellblaster)
lvl1 fire (-5)
39 Halberds (-13)
2x5 archer detach (-2 for being detachments, -2 for 10 archers)
10 Inner Circle knights (-20 for knights)
2x4 Demigryphs (-72 for these guys)
2 cannons (-24 and 10 WMPs)
Hellblaster (-6 and 3 WMPs)
Hurricanum (-12)

16 WMPs = extra -14

Total is -245. 300-245 = 55/10 = SWEDISH SCORE OF 5.5 or "powerful army"

Conclusion: I am a total power gamer

HIGH ELVES: (my riff on P Williamson's "WAAC" list)

Prince with armour of caledor (-10 prince, -2 armour)
lvl4 high magic with scroll and ring of fury (-18 mage, -8 lvl4, +2 high, -7 scroll, -5 ring)
Mounted BSB (-4 noble, -10 BSB, -1 steed)
10 archers (-4)
2x25 spears (-46)

15 Whitelions with banner of sorcery (-18 whitelions, -25 banner)
5 Dragon Princes (-8)
5 Reavors (-3)
4 Eagles (-38)
3 RBTs (-21)

total is -226. 300-226 = 74/10 = SWEDISH SCORE OF 7.4 or "Powerful army"

Conclusion: I am still a total power gamer even with this list!

WOODIES: (my list for 2013)

Treeman ancient: nettlings (-15 3rd treeman, -18 TMA, -2 nettlings)
lvl3: life, scroll (-17 spellweaver, -15 life)

BSB: HODA (-2 noble, -10 BSB, -10 HODA)
2 Branchwriaths (- NOTHING!!!)
12x1 and 2x10 Gladeguard (-18)
2x8 Dryads (-9)

5 Wildriders  (-4)
2x3 Warhawk Riders (-2)

Treeman (-20)
Treeman (-20)

total is -162. 300 - 162 = 138/10 = SWEDISH COMP SCORE of 13.8 or "a balanced army"

Conclusion: It is only when I use a 3 treeman list that I am truely balanced!

...never doing that again, but nice to know where my armies stand!


  1. It's it's an interesting system. Based on the UK masters, it encourages a different type of lost design and I guess variety is the spice of life spit can't be all bad. But as you've proven it focuses on things that when you aren't power building can lead to armies like Peters being hit hard with the conp stick

    It is a highly over complex system though

  2. And for the record my NZTC list is 9.9, but if I dropped twenty archers for spears it'd be 13. They do focus on comping odd things like an unhealthy focus on hitting Life wizards, which are frankly terrible...

    I can only think its a factor of the Swedish tourney scene having a strange meta

    1. I think the "hit life hard" factor is throne of vines + dwellers...a lot of people tend to think this *is* the definition of the problem with 8th.

      I too think it does focus on odd things.

      + I think the UK Masters used Swedish comp (as in the comp pack came first).

  3. I have just used this comp system to comp my latest High Elf and Dwarf lists that I was considering playing this year.

    High Elves with lots of infantry come out at 8.6 (Balanced army, Just) and
    Dwarfs with 4 war machines and 3 combat blocks come out at 7.0 (Powerful army)

    I think if you were using this comp system, you should start from scratch and aim for around the army costing 200pts


  4. Yeah +1 for what James said

  5. Thats a really weird system that seems to penalise some items while ignoring others, if it provided some explanation for why certains things got points I might understand it more.

    For the record my armies got the following

    Dwarfs (Call to Arms 2012) - *ahem* 11.5
    High Elves (Horned Gobbo 2012) - 7.3

    while my Ogres for NZTC are only 8.8

  6. I just ran my OTT Skaven list through their comp calculator. It says 1.7. I... think that sounds a little crazy. (I had a look at various other ways to cash out a skaven list, and i'm not sure it is possible to make a non-terrible list that gets above about 3 - You would have to deliberately take very small units of terrible choices to do so)

  7. 1.7??? What didnt you fit in there

  8. I didn't have assassins. I didn't have weapons teams. I didn't have a 4th rare. I didn't have plague monks.

    (Abbreviated) List:

    Seer, Bell
    WEngineer (caddy)
    WEngineer (Drocket)


    I managed to make a list hit 8. It featured no hellpit, no blocks of infantry larger than 25, 1 wengineer, naked seer, bsb without magic banner, 1 unit of grunners, and lots of rogres. It would lose to anything and everything. Did I mention it scored 8?

    1. Well naturally it is because Skaven are broken and deserved to be comped out of events :P

      I I didnt realise that Skaven could score that low so easily. Heck, even Vamp black knight character bus lists usually score 7-6.

      Not saying I endorse the system, but it is interesting how different builds score under it.

      I love the disclaimer in the intro that says "heavily themed armies might get scored harshly"

    2. A naked Seer is -41. Other L4's come in 27-31.

  9. As a Dwarf player I find everything Skaven broken and unpalatable

    1. As a fellow dwarf player, I agree with John.

      - Adam Richards