Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dakka Dakka orks vs D(umb)ark Angels


I had the house to myself last night = crank out the 40k goodness and test my orks vs the new Dark Angel book. My new dakkajet was frantically assembled Monday night so I could test that out too.

My list:

"Bikerboss" (warbike, powerklaw, cyborg body, attack squiq) warlord trait "counter attack"
10 Lootas
5 Nob bikers (cyborg bodies, painboy, 2 powerklaws, waaaagh banner)
30 Ork shootaboyz: 3 big shootas, Powerklaw/bosspole nob.
Dakkajet with 3 supashootas

Ryan's list:

6 bikers with 2 plasma guns
MMelta attack bike
5 bikers with melta gun
2 typhoon landspeeders
2 vindicators
1010pts (found out after the game he was 10pts over....marking him down for sportsmanship!)

Rolling up a mission we played the one with 6 counters-fast attack count as scoring) with diagional deployment.

I deployed first:

Then Ryan deployed:
Ryan was all cheese and placed his 3 tokens in his deployment zone. I was more sporting and placed them just out of mine. 2 of his objectives allowed re-rolls of 1 to hit with shooting, and other did nothing.

Ryan failed to steal the first turn so the waaagh slowly started to wind up...

My boyz moved up into the area terrain crashed space craft and claimed a boobytrapped objective-oh joy. The nobbikers moved along the board edge hugging terrain and forcing the vindicators to move closer to shoot. The gunz then unleashed some pain. The boyz bigshootas made a lot of noise, Then the lootas targeted Samuel and his 5 biker bodyguards. 10 hits...5 wounds (poor rolling there!) = 2 wounds on Sammuel and 2 dead bikers (the sergeant and melta gun) BOOM!
So Ryan takes a play from the French book of war ("la retreate") and moves everything back to max shot range.
Sammuel decides to take a shot at the "very spread out on purpose nobbikers" with his plasma cannon...gets hot, fails armour AND DIES! (Ryan rage quits at this point, but I convince him that "in the spirit of the game" he should play on). Warboss then tanks all the rest of the biker fire and vindicators...only 1 sneaky plasma gun shot gets through for a single wound. The Typhoons then focus fire on the boyz that couldnt make it to the area terrain killing 7 :( Turn 1 I have 2 VPs (kill general, first blood).


Dakkajet doesn't arrive.
My Nobbikers continue to exploit LoS! rules and move in convoy at the Marine lines waving their "DISTRACTION" flag.
The boyz consolidate onto the objective, spread out and start to move on the objective in the crater to see if it is worth more points. The Nobbikers and warboss (well the few who were in range) then unleash their s5 t/linked goodness into the biker combat squad killing one of the plasma guns-causing the unit to panic and run a massive 5 inches. Lootas then continue to rain fire from afar and kill another attackbike from 18 shots.

Ryan's marines then swing to face the nobs, but careful to stay out of loota range.
All the bikes in range and the Vindicators unload into the Nobs killing 1 (waaagh banner). The boyz go to ground, but 4 die to the typhoons.


Dakkajet makes an arrival (and the flash on the camera comes on too-not sure if the pics are better or worse). The  boys check the crater objective-worth 4 points-and (of course) it is also boobytrapped!
a WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!!!!! is called and 18 s6 t/linked bs3 shots into the side armour of one of the vindicators = 1 vindicator is wreaked. The lootas then unleash into the side armour of the other Vindicator. Horrible rolling to pen = 2 hullpoints stripped, tank shaken, and the main big scary gun destroyed! Nobbikers then attempt to show how good at shooting they are and do nothing.

Ryan then decides to be a jerk (well, a marine player) and uses his remaining vindicator to block the progress of my nobs into this line. The Typhoons move to claim the re-roll 1's to hit objective (and gain a jink save).
The landspeeders then open up on the dakkajet. 1 hit, 1 failed jink save, 1 Hullpoint stripped and the dakkajet is stunned. Everything else shoots at the nobbikers and another one dies.


Stunned Dakkajet just moves forward like it has to. The nobs move to shoot the landspeeders...
..and fail to do anything to them :( The stunned Dakkajet however still manages to kill a single biker! The lootas then shoot the remaining vindicator (only thing in range) and wreak it.

Ryan's movement involved trying to get angles on the nobs where the warboss is not the closest. Jerk move cover save awesomeness later = single wound on the painboy.


With the prospect of the game ending my nobbikers made a dash (and turboboost) back towards my 3rd objective to give me a 9VPs to 7VPs advantage.
While my boyz spread out to minimise casualities so I couldnt be paniced off the objective worth 4points.
My dakkajet (now not stunned) moves forward enough to legally stop and still get a shot on the typhoons. 9 bs2 s6 t/linked shots later and I got a single penetration and rolled a 6! resulting in an exploded Typhoon.

Ryan's 5th turn involved moving his entire army so it could not be shot by the dakkajet.

And then failing to hit it with shooting.


Pretty boring for me. My boyz and nobbikers objective camp, while the dakkajet stays Ryan's deployment zone.

Ryan however has a more sneaky idea. He turboboosts an attack bike and a biker combat squad to contest the nobbiker objective grrrrr.
...and the game ends.


Adding up the points:
I had 4 from my boyz objective, warlord, first blood and linebreaker = 7 VPs.
Ryan held 3 objectives worth 3, 2, 1 = 6 VPs


After the game Ryan suggested that when I brought the nobs back I should have seperated the nobs and the warboss and assaulted 2 of his objectives. This never occured to me because my WHFB brain tells me that when a character leaves a unit only 1 of them can charge, unlike 40K where both can charge. oh well.

The dakka jet performed very well and will be looking forward to a lick of blue paint. I suspect the next time I play Ryan he might be back to using the regular marine book again :P

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