Sunday, 14 April 2013

New Internet Trend: Announce Runefang List

Hey all,

Just following the trend and posting my list for Runefang. Let  me introduce to you all my Empire-Lore of Heavens style:
Arch Lector (General): Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Talisman of Preservation, Dragonhelm
Lvl4: scroll (Lore of Heavens)
BSB: Full Plate Armour, Enchanted Shield, Shrieking Sword

38 Halberds: Full Command
5 Archer detachment
10 Archers
5 Knights: Musician
5 Knights: Musician

4 Demigryphs: Musician
4 Demigryphs: Musician, Standard

Steam Tank

Wow what a list! It was born out of the fustrations I had with my NZTC Empire and my desires to try something a bit different. No lore of light is a little bit odd for me-as is having no support mage (or "support 70 Glade Guard"). But I'm sure I can figure out how to cast comets reasonably quickly.

I am a little conscious that this list might play a wee bit like a dwarf list (if dwarfs had comets and giant chickens of doom), but of the announced lists, 1 is a dwarf list (thanks John), another is a dwarf list (you can dress it up however you want Sam), 1 is cannon fodder (sorry Glen), and the other is a skink swarm (can I say "comet + chain lightening" loud enough Jeff?) so I 'm reasonably happy with that.

On the WYSIWYG front I have ordered the bitz from Ebay to make up the hurricanum heavens mage (my bitz from the hurricanum got turned into the light mage) so hopefully they arrive in time for me to have an actual heavens mage rocking it. In the meantime I am slowly painting up a 2nd unit of Reavers for my High Elves...


  1. Nice list. Looks really strong. What's the role of the Halberds? Wouldn't more Knights be better?

  2. Solid list mate and not a lore that I like to face at all. Is there any reason you didn't go full mounted?

    1. Because Knights cant contest the watchtower. If it was a 500/600VPs swing then sure, all knights it is.

      However when 1000vps are on the line, I cant afford to hope like crazy that I table my opponent and get 9-11 loss. Empire are not agressive enough to do that + I'm relying on my opponent not loading as many points as possible into the tower to deny me VP's.

      All knight+ artillery lists are great for 6 games of battleline...(hence their popularity in "net lists" from the UK).

      Joel v

  3. Why do people keep taking those pesky 2+WS vs. flaming attacks items gets my cannon crews all upset.

    Looks solid Joel all the new toys should look good on the table

  4. good luck bro, cannons + chooks ftw!