Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Good Heavens!

Hi all,

Runefang this weekend and until a spark of genius last night I was going to have to suffer the embarrasment of kicking ass without a WYSIWYG heavens mage.

Back Story:
I wrote the list the week of list submission and put in an order for the Hurricanum mage bitz from my usual prefered ebay supplier.

a very short time later the bitz arrive....with the wrong body. Instead of the mage body I recieved the body of the hurricanum assistants...and the arms/staff/heads etc of the mages.

HOWEVER with a bit of cunning and blank staring at my own bitz pile I present Harold Finch the Heaven's Mage.

So Luminark assistant body and arms. Left hand is the Heaven's mage hand, the "staff" is the Luminack assistant's staff with the heaven's mage staff mixed in.

I like to think that Harold has no idea what he is doing (given the way he is looking at the orb with a "I think this is what I'm supposed to be doing" look on his face). Really he is just a huge Phil Collins fan. Whenever he sings his favourite song bad stuff happens.
So if you find yourself across the table from me this weekend, I apologise in advance if I sing every magic phase.


  1. Very cool mate. I also DEMAND singing, and there will be fines if this is not done.

    1. Needs to be accompanied by wild air drumming too, or there will be Sports deductions

  2. If you sing....I will destroy you.

    I hate everything Phil Collins stands for.

    Very nice model though.

  3. now we know pete's weak spot, you must hum phil collins during his turn. with air drumming for added effect