Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Post Panzer list thoughts


Having fought the battles, having seen how the list performed here are my thoughts:

  1. Lore of Metal is not for me. I dont get how some people can go through tournaments and get characters every other turn with Final Transmutation. 6 games and not a single character...some games it struggled to remove 10 models...+ I dont like the high casting values of the spells.
  2. ICKS need to find a role in my lists. In a lot of games they do nothing except sink points (not a bad thing) and give me table control (the real reason I take them)...though for -20 in Swedish comp = could be better spent else where. 
  3. Captasus useful - not necessary. Saved my bacon vs the DoC by distracting the Keeper...but overall just flew around looking pretty. 
  4. Witch hunters are great for the fluff....not for the game. Nothing gets you more excited by dice rolling that poor odds with amazing outcomes. However I was disappointed that they didnt influence movement as much as I was hoping they would. Most people tended to ignore them...maybe if I paired them with Hockland longrifle spam...
  5. 1 cannon is not enough. Knew that already - nice to do as well as I did with only 1...but it did cost me points. 
  6. 28 GreatSwords is about 10 to few. They are there to grind...and 28 bodies with t3 is not much staying power.
  7. The difference between a 12 and a 13 in comp score is not much...but is A LOT in terms of power the Empire can bring.
With that in mind (and not wanting to go down the double demi/light council route - save that for serious games) I've rigged up the following:

Arch Lector "Otto": HA, GW, Dhelm, Talisman of Preservation (-10)
Lvl4: Lore of Heavens, scroll (-7-18-8)
Engineer (1WMP)
2x Warrior Priest: HA, 2HW (-5-5)
BSB: Fullplate, Ench shield, warriorbane (-3-10)
2x39 Halberds: FC (-9-9)
5 Archer detach (-1-1)
10 Archers (-2)
40 GreatSwords: FC (-23)
4 Demigryphs: M (-25)
2x cannon (-13-13 5 WMP 5 WMP)
Helblaster (-6 2 WMP 3 WMP)
Comp Score = 11.8 rounds to 12.

So infantry are king here with some monster killing power. I'll be trying it out for the next Stone Falls game.

Anywho back to painting the 2 Frosties and prepping for Call to Arms in 2 weeks time. 

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  1. Valkia will be coming to a table near yours again with a toughened up list coming in at 15.7 or thereabouts. She will see you at Skitterleap if the player pack allows.
    So put back your knights, she enjoyed taking out her frustrations on them.