Saturday, 27 July 2013

Frostie the Phoenix - Hobby update

Hi All,

So hobby update.  My High Elf army has not been getting much table top fact I've only run them out once since the new book. 1/2 the reason has been a lack of non-event gaming, and the other 1/2 has been a distinct lack of Phoenix's to rock on the table...until now.

I present Frostie the Phoenix (Borg designation 1 of 2):

Frostie 2 of 2 is on the painting table awaiting completion...because as great as 1 frost phoenix is, 2 is even better!

 1 of 2 uses the flame wings and tail with the frost head (just to mix it up). I've also used some of the basing ruins from the skycutter.

Other news:
In other news I've started work on a 2nd unit of "lionhelms" so I can rock some heavy calv MSU core and assembled a mounted mage JUST IN CASE I want to run a calv-star list. On the Empire front I'm going to be start painting up another 10 or so Great Swords so I can rock a proper sized tank/anvil unit.


  1. I'm not going to lie, I am unimpressed at the lack of Snowflakes/Sparkles like on Peter's Frost Pheonix.

    1. Dont worry - 2 of 2 will have the sparkles :)

  2. Love it Joel. Want to paint two for me :-)

    1. ummm give me a BIG BREAK FROM FEATHERS once I've finished the 2nd one...