Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Borg Frostie 2 of 2

Hey all,

Call to Arms 2013 was in the weekend. I'll post up my battle reports in a couple of days when I have a chance to sort through the pics etc.

In the meantime, my Borg collective is growing.

Presenting Frostie 2 of 2:

Not to be confused with Frostie Borg designation 1 of 2, this Frostie is packing sparkles and has noticed something off to the left.

With these two bad boyz my High Elves will be having lots of fun. I've decided to shun the "shooting" approach - I have a perfectly good Wood Elf army and a cannonz heavy Empire for that!

Next on the phoenix front? I have a spare IOB Griffon + plenty of spare phoenix parts = I'm going to attempt the IOB Griffon into Fire Phoenix conversion to expand my Borg Collective.

I should be having my  first High Elf game in AGES next week sometime where I will be rocking the double Frostie so looking forward to that!

1 comment:

  1. Not as good looking as 7 of 9 ... but you did your best :)