Wednesday, 21 August 2013

High Elf army lists with Pics!

Yo yo yo,

My High Elf army is now ready to start rocking it properly on the tabletop. First game will be this weekend where I will get horribly smashed by the toughest list Ryan can put together (2x8 trolls, 8 ogres, 2 chariots, 22 Warriors, BSB, lvl4, and the horribly weak "glass cannon" 2x3 skullcrushers)

I will of course post a whiny youtube video about how Broken the WoC are...and a battle report where I go into the usual detail, fluff, and what-not.

Seriously Ryan - listen to the guy "Who takes Hellcannons?"

Anywho - enough Warhammer "pop culture" for 1 update.

Here are the 2 lists that I've been math-hammering away at. Disclaimer: I have avoided the kind of lists that are rather popular at the minute (Shooting Heavy) cos I got 2 other armies that do that better + I havn't seen any evidence of them being particularly effective. For me the High Elf strength is combat damage with supportive magic and shooting...not the other way around.

List 1 - The elite infantry wall:

Loremaster: Dispel Scroll, Sword of Might, Shield of Merwyrm 290
BSB: Armour of Caledor, Halberd 147
3x5 Reavers 240
2x10 Archers: M 220
13 Archers: M 140
27 Whitelions: FC - Banner of the lol catz
25 Phoenix Guard: FC - Razor Standard
Frostie 240
Frostie 240

Coming in at a Swedish comp score of 0.5 this list is broken as! Note the lack of lvl4 and the lack of the Book of Hoeth. The theory here is that the 2 Elite blocks can/should hold their own while everything else supports them. I'm sure the theory-hammerers out there can quickly explain why the Loremaster/BSB combo here works given the other choices, so I'll let them do that. If I find I am missing some chop I have the points to give the BSB a GW.

List 2 - the Monster "you can't shoot 'em all" mash:

Prince: Stardragon, HA, Lioncloak, Warriorbane, Charmed Shield, 4+ ward 597
BSB: ASF/AP Eagle, HA, Sh, Dhelm, Golden Crown, Starlance 216
High Mage lvl2: Steed, Ring of Fury 155
Fire Mage lvl1: Scroll, Ruby Ring 135
3x5 Reavers 240
10 Archers: M 110
14 Archers: M, SB 160
14 Archers M 150
5 Dragon Princes: M 155
Frostie 240
Frostie 240

Not quite as broken as the other list as it comes in with a Swedish score of 5.3. This list is very tailored towards countering the current meta...just gotta avoid OnG, Skaven, Empire armies! I agonised over Warriorbane vs Lance on the Prince. Warriorbane wins cos he's modelled with a magical sword (to match his sans-dragon alternative model). The thing I love about this list is a) the monsters and b) how crazy destructive the magic phase is. All things going to plan this list can dish out a max of 10d6 s4/turn from the 2 wizards! Watch Tower is clearly not a strong point if the magic phase fizzles, but I think it has the tools to compete in all the other missions while at the same time being crazy fun to use.


  1. Starlance, charmed, ots and golden crown is better kit for dragon lord. Murders monstrous cav where nothing else in the army can easily do more than hold. Hes been amazing in my lists :-)

    I also think Frostie, triple BT gives a better balance in list one but cant deny how broke like a joke Frosties are!

    Look forward to your results and thoughts

    1. Good ideas all round. The Starlance on a Dragon Combo is cool - but I would need to model up another prince (not too big a deal) and throws up in the air how the BSB is equipped. (dawnstone, Dhelm, lance, Pofool?). Starlance combo on Prince looks like a prime Douche Prince killing machine as well!

      Also on the Frostie front. Totally Agree that RBTs give some tactical flexibility...but I wanna use 2 frosties...and I'm theory-hammering that the MMissile onslaught will achieve similar things.

      Joel v

  2. Great looking army. Don't know much about the stats for these guys but they sure do look cool. that alone should win you some games.

  3. Joel man that looks awesome! Really nice cohesive colour scheme and basing that really sets it off. Nice work.

  4. Lovely colour scheme and basing army looks great. Double frosty is a great idea.