Sunday, 8 September 2013

Weekend Round up

Yo yo yo

With 1 week to go until Warpfire I have been Warhammering away with vengeance!

2400pts Empire vs VC
On Saturday I rocked up to Chateau Dunn and gave Tom "the Master" a game. I took my Empire (light council) and Tom was using a points denial "not actually aiming to win the game" VC list that was rather interesting from a denial aspect:

Vamplord lvl4 with the usual stuff
lvl1 and lvl2 death necros
naked Vamp BSB
2 banshees
with a scroll, mr(2), and scroll of shielding all hidden in a unit of 38 Skeletons = 1375pts that hid in a building all game...except for when the banshees came out to delay my line advance with some cunning cunningness (spell check almost made that awkward...) and the ability to shut down 2 magic phases.

Top it off with 2x8 crypthorrors and chaff = a list that not many points are going to be lost from...however it was a late game purple sun through my Stank (having survived 2 other attempts) that dropped it from a moderate win to an 11-9/12-8ish win for me - pretty impressive given the Stank was my only points loss and all I did was kill chaff while trying to get close enough to the Crypt horrors to engage in combat (unsuccessful thank you battle of the pass given 24 inches of "moving backwards").

Both forests on my side being venom thickets,
Seeing Otto back on his Waralter having been stuck footslogging it for most of the year,
5 knights being responsible for most of my combat phases, and
A super long range, through a unit archer shooting to kill the last 2 zombies in a unit BOOM! (yeah that's right...I took out a unit of zombies without engaging them in combat - it was THAT sort of a game!)

A great game against someone who knows how to chaff well (and in the process highlighted some holes in my list) and passes 5+ regens like he was back using his Demons...seriously I killed 4 Crypt horrors with cannons ALL GAME...firing 5 turns with 3 cannons at them and only rolling a 1 to wound once (tiny violin orchestra plays).

Hobby wise I've been a little slack having been distracted by power tools and DIY...however I do have another 9 Greatswords on their way, a non-Phoenix riding Assyrian guy, and a Calv rankfiller that might be doing a "hobby show and tell" later this week.

But of course, this weekend has really been about Space Marines:

Next year's hobby project will be getting a Space Marine army up and running. I figured that Space Marines being *the* 40k army never really get too far behind the meta curve so will always be good on the table (unlike my Orks who have long passed the "still fun to loose" phase).

I'm not exactly sure what I will be doing...Sternguard are appealing...dreadnaught spam...tank rush...droppods FTW...and I still think an alliance with Imperial Guard would be fun to do (hobby-wise...though I think there are some pretty bent combos there too). And now with the Chapter Traits I have to factor in what chapter I will belong to BEFORE I paint it up.

However my criteria is that I must like what I have and it must be able to smash face occasionally . Of course I will be reliant on other people's suggestions as to what is actually good as I dont really know all the special rules that well.

Anywho that was the weekend.


  1. Joel, you should let me design a custom chapter for you complete with backstory, heroic characters and a theme song.

    1. ummmmm sure :) It has to be a Salamander successor chapter...and Gasoline by David Bowie is the theme song

  2. What about the Swift-Marines, and all your characters are named after men Taylor Swift has briefly dated?

    I suppose we could use Gasoline as the theme song, but realistically probably better to use something by Taylor Swift?

    1. How about the song "Burning Red" by Taylor Swift? One of your favourites?