Sunday, 22 September 2013

Weekend Gaming


Saturday night and my weekend of partying continues with a couple of games of Warhammer!

With my Great Swords now up to an impressive size (imposter included to get 38), I thought it would only be appropriate to rock them on the table.

My List: 
Arch Lector "Otto": GW, HA, Dragonhelm, Talisman of Preservation
Amber Wizard lvl4
Light Wizard lvl4
BSB: Fullplate, Enchanted shield, warriorbane
Warriorpriest: HA, 2HW (just cos I LOVE the new model they released)
39 Halberds: FC
2x7 Archer detachment
2x5 Knights: M
38 Great Swords: FC
4 Demigryphs: M
2 Cannons

Not your typical Empire list by any stretch of the imagination. This was my first time EVER rocking a double lvl4...and with lores that are not typically paired together. My sneaky plans however relied on the combination of them both...

Will was rocking a list designed with the opposite intention to mine...
lvl4: heavens, usual kit
BSB: Crown
firebelly with i10 sword
lvl1 with hellheart
2 blocks of Ironguts
3 sabrecats
3x2 Mournfang
3 scouting/ITP Maneaters

We rolled up Dawn attack and Will deployed first:

So yeah. Will got a good central deployment while I got stuck in the corner with little to no way to properly counter the scouting Maneaters. Will gets first turn and the initiative - even more so when he takes off 1 of my cannons.

My first turn was a bit of an unwind and reacting to the situation:
The knights in the losing combat re-directed having made the mournfang unit flee...dying there as opposed to somewhere closer to me was seen as preferable...I didnt fancy having a Gutstar on my flank turn 2!
My knights died horribly, the Ironblaster wore a cannonball TO THE FACE and I got some buffs up...

The Maneaters went in...I hold. Everything else closes in, Sabrecat blocks the Demis and casually IF's comet.
The knights hold!
In my turn the Comet comes down killing 8 Great Swords. Sabrecat dies swiftly (Jeff: "Taylor Swiftly").

The knights blocking the maneaters also decided to forget how to pass armour saves and die.

This is where it gets interesting. Will throws a unit of Mournfang into the Demis, Gutstar gets pushed right into the fact of my Great Swords and the firebelly runs to the flank while the Maneaters go eat my cannon (that had been doing nothing but misfire since it's awesome 1st turn shot).

Gutstar gets +1 Toughness and the firebelly hits 24, wounds 17 and kills far too many of them. 1 Mournfang dies and the other one holds on general's Ldship.

In return the Hurricanum runs over the Firbelly and the Great Swords do their manly thing and charge in.
Of course this was never going to work (especially as the Hurricanum could not overrun to safety thanks 1 inch rule), but given the bad situation was still very bad (And not getting better) it was a "meh" moment...and it didnt help that Will decides to crack out the Hellheart with a 20 inch range...down the hole goes my Light Mage and the Beast Mage explodes too. Naturally the Great Swords do their thing...and roll lots of 1's and 2's to wound. The mournfang dies though...
And in charged some Mournfang to save the day! No Halberds because they fled a charge...rolled a 3 and then got run down. I fled because...I dont know why - that's why, because I was in a forest (stupid mission grrr) and not steadfast, so couldnt hold the charge to bring the Demis in.

Any who we called it there because the game was effectively over. First outing with this list, and not very exciting.

Result: The Empire need to bring the big boy toys to deal with tournament lists!

We had a rematch where Will was using Antony's Bret list from Guardcon where (even with my Halberds + warriorpriest+ both lvl4s) in a building all game it took a 1000pt swing bottom of turn 6 for Will to pull it back to a draw (no pics due to proxies etc and it was a swing of the unexpected sort....hitting on 5's does not you hit MORE grrr). In that game the "power" of the Light/beasts combo came through. With hurricanum and 4 channels I had magic dominance and never felt that I was wasting a lvl4.

Overall I'm happy to keep exploring the list's potential. I am in the very early stages of thinking about attending an event in Melbourne next year = I need a panel comp friendly list! I think this list does that (and doesnt play too differently to my Panzershrek list).

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  1. First game sounds brutal, seems like the great swords let you down and them need some fire cloaking. Full plate must get pretty toasty. Deployment was working against you from the start.